Private Investigator Research Tools: Essential Resources for Detectives

private investigator research tools
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We compiled this list of private investigator research tools specifically for private investigators. It serves as a quick index to our site’s most valuable resources. However, the resources are also helpful for police officers, crime scene investigators, forensic experts, and others who work in or with the investigation industry.

In addition, free research tools are helpful for those who work in security-related fields, such as security guards, bodyguards, and bounty hunters. Also, professionals who work to track down debtors and locate missing persons, such as collection agents and skip tracers.

The list contains extensive research resources, search tools, reference material, how-to articles, websites, and other helpful information.

List of Private Investigator Research Tools

Questions and Comments

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Michael Kissiah is the owner of Brandy Lane Publishing, LLC, which owns and operates a small portfolio of websites, including Michael created more than 20 years ago after working as a private investigator in the state of Florida. Since that time, he has become an expert at how to find information online and has written over 1000 articles on topics related to the investigation industry. In addition, he is the author of the "Private Investigator Licensing Handbook", available at


  1. What a comprehensive list of resources. Thank you! I was a licensed PI several years ago and am trying to refresh my skills because I have an interview for an investigator with the public defenders office. Technology changes so rapidly and many of these resources were not available when I last worked as a PI. I could spend countless hours on your website looking at all the interesting links you shared.

  2. Thank you for the exhaustive list of private investigator tools! I’ll let you know if I can find anything that would be useful to add to your list here.

  3. Informative article. Thanks for sharing about the private eye research resources. Very helpful. Thanks.


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