List of Private Investigator and Police Search Tools and Resources

Investigative Research Tools, Reference Materials, and Website Resources for Detectives

Private investigatorWelcome to’s list of private investigator research resources. We compiled this list of investigative tools specifically for private detectives, legal professionals, police officers and everyday people who use the internet to find people, information and data related to private detective and law enforcement cases.

The list contains an extensive collection of research resources, search tools, reference material, how-to articles, websites and other types of helpful information on a wide range of topics related to the investigation and law enforcement industry. Individuals who work as cops, in the legal field and law-related professions, security guards, the collections industry, and even journalism will also find this list to be an excellent resource.

In many cases, the resources are linked to other pages on our site. In some cases, we link out to external resources where more detailed or specialized information can be found. The pages generally provide an overview of the topic, a description of why it is relevant to private eyes, and links to additional websites, books, software, spy gear and other equipment.

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  • Background Checks – An overview of top information service providers for conducting background checks and investigations.
  • Badges – Private Eye badges
  • Bail Bondsman – An overview of bail bonds and the people who issue bonds.
  • Bank Accounts – Information on bank accounts for financial inquiries.
  • Banking Regulations – For those involved with financial matters.
  • Bankruptcy – An overview of bankruptcy for those who are conducting asset searches.
  • Become a Private Investigator – Learn how to get a private investigator license in each state.
  • Biographies – For genealogy research.
  • Blogging Websites – A review of the top blogging and content management solutions, for use in setting up your agency site.
  • Boat & Marine Information – Links to websites for conducting maritime investigations.
  • Bodyguard – Bodyguarding, executive protection and personal protection websites.
  • Body Language – How to identify deception
  • Books of the Bible – One of the more popular topics in our List of Lists section.
  • Bounty Hunters – Fugitive recovery
  • – Provides a wide selection of spy gear and electronic surveillance equipment.
  • Business Research Tools – Tips and advice for uncovering information about companies. Includes sources for business news, magazines and more.


  • Celebrity Investigations – Learn about the dram behind some of the most high-profile celebrity deaths, arrests and cheating scandals.
  • Celebrity Mug Shots – Many mugshots are now available online. Check to see if someone has been arrested.
  • Civil Investigations – Support for civil trials involving legal separation, divorce, child custody, alimony and child support payments.
  • Collections Agency – Since gumshoes are experts at tracking down debtors, it’s good to know about collection agencies.
  • Correctional Officer – Prison guards
  • Crime Scene Investigation – Learn about the process and procedures involved with investigating crime scenes, evidence collection, conducting forensic analysis, ballistics and firearm identification, DNA testing, police procedures, photography, tips and more.
  • Criminal Records Search – Learn how to find criminal records and court documents.







  • Insurance Fraud Investigations – An overview of investigating fraudulent insurance claims, list of major insurance providers in the United States, and insurance resources.
  • Investigation TV Shows – The best police dramas and crime TV shows.
  • Investing – Reference material for financial investigations and asset searches.



  • Law Enforcement – Online resources, agencies, associations and more for police officers.
  • Law Enforcement Training – Training classes and continuing education for police officers.
  • Legal Forms – Legal forms and law form packages for a variety of legal purposes such as Bill of Sale, Bankruptcy,, Deeds, Divorce and Separation, Incorporation, LLC Formation, Last Will & Testament, Power of Attorney, Pre-Nups, Wills and more.
  • Legal Research – Law directories, attorneys and lawyers and the American Bar Association (ABA)
  • Licensing (Private Investigator) – Learn how to become a licensed private investigator.
  • License Plate Search
  • List of Lists – An extensive collection of lists on a wide variety of topics.
  • Lock Picking – Learn how to pick locks like a professional.
  • Loss Prevention – Learn how businesses prevent financial loss by preventing theft and embezzlement.






  • Recalls – Product Recalls
  • Reports – Order investigative reports online now for background checks, public records searches, reverse phone number lookups, property reports and more. Also, learn how to go about getting a copy of a police report.
  • Report a Crime – How to report that a crime has been committed to the appropriate organizations.
  • Research Databases – Database information providers.
  • Reverse Search – How to run a reverse search to find people, phone numbers and addresses.






  • Weather Research – Planning a surveillance mission? Those pictures will come out better if it’s not raining. Here are some places to check the weather.
  • Web Hosting – Private eyes
  • White Pages – For looking up phone numbers and running reverse searches
  • Wikis
  • Wire Tapping
  • Workers Compensation – An overview of worker’s compensation. P.I.’s are often hired by insurance companies to investigate fraudulent worker’s comp insurance claims.



  • Zip Code Lookup – Find zip codes for a particular area or lookup the zip code for a particular address.


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