Private Investigator Jobs: How to Start a Career in the Investigation Industry

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Companies in every industry, both large and small, hire private investigators to perform a variety of jobs. Some businesses hire P.I.’s on a short term basis, to investigate a specific project or series of tasks. Examples include: conducting an investigation into an incident that occurred on company property, investigating claims made by employees, or looking into a burglary or theft. Businesses often hire their own detective to dig deeper and find more information than the typical law enforcement investigation.

Other companies hire P.I.’s into full-time, salaried positions to serve as a permanent employee. Examples of these positions include performing background checks for current and new employees, investigating internal loss or theft, coordinating internal investigations or serving as a member of the corporate security team.

Due to the wide range of companies and the large number of potential positions, there are almost always openings for experienced detectives.

If you’re interested in pursuing a career in this exciting field, it is important to first understand how to get a private investigator license. In addition, you’ll want to look into the training and education requirements for the investigative field in which you plan to specialize.

Once you have the appropriate license and training, it is time to start your new career. First, start looking for available jobs in your area.  There are several options for conducting a job search:

First, you can begin with an online job search site such as, CareerBuilder, or Indeed. Or, you can go directly to company websites and search through their jobs database. A more expensive alternative is to use a job search service or recruiter, sometimes known as a headhunter. While a headhunter can be a big help in landing the right job, always be aware of whom you are dealing with, and understand the terms of the deal. It is key to clearly understand if the headhunter will get a commission, or some type of fee. In some cases, a job placement company will take a portion of the hourly rate you are paid. For example, a security guard job may pay the security company $30 an hour, but the actual security guard on site only gets paid $20 an hour.

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If you’re interested in pursuing a career in private investigations, learn more about how to get licensed and where to go for training and development. See our other articles on Private Investigator Licensing, Investigation Services, and Private Eye Training.

Ready to post your resume? Learn how to Post Multiple Jobs and Save on

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