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Background Check

Background Check Services for Investigators

A background check is a detailed investigation into an individual's personal data, information and history to help make a decision about the...
Spy gear

Spy Gear for Private Investigators

Spy gear is any electronic equipment or device used to conduct various types of surveillance, counter-surveillance and investigations. Spy gear is also commonly referred...

eInvestigator.com is a reference and education resource for professionals in the investigation industry. Our content is geared toward private investigators, police detectives, crime scene experts, security specialists and research analysts. You’ll find hundreds of articles, product reviews, research tools and more. Get started now with our with our huge list of Research Tools.

This section has a collection of helpful articles related to police officers. Learn about the duties of police officers, the equipment they use and the vehicles they use in the line of duty. Plus, learn how to pursue a career as a police officer and where to get training and education.

police 11 codes

Police Eleven Codes

In addition to police ten codes, some law enforcement officers, police departments and security forces create alternative coding systems to make their particular form of radio communication unique and private. While most agencies use 10 codes, some departments use police 11 codes to facilitate radio communication among...
Police Drone

Police Drones In Law Enforcement

What are Police Drones? Drones are unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) that are remote controlled. Drones can be equipped with various pieces of equipment such as daytime video recorders, low visibility surveillance video, live feed cameras, radar sensors, digital cameras, radio equipment, infrared cameras, sound...
Lists of the most wanted criminals

Lists of Most Wanted Criminals, Fugitives and Terrorists in the U.S.

The FBI Ten Most Wanted List The FBI Ten Most Wanted Criminals list arose from a conversation held in late 1949, as J. Edgar Hoover, the Director of the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation and William Kinsey Hutchinson of the International News Service...

If you need to hire a private investigator, please visit our international directory of private eyes and agencies. In our directory, you’ll find lists of local professionals who can help with a broad range of investigative needs.

How to get a private investigator license in Kentucky

How To Get a Private Investigator License in Kentucky

Kentucky Private Detective Licensing Requirements Private investigator licensing in the state of Kentucky is handled by the Kentucky Board of Licensure for Private Investigators. The Kentucky Board of Licensure for Private...

Hire a Private Investigator in South America

This article explains how to hire a private investigator in South America. The primary countries represented include Argentina, Chile and Colombia. Before hiring a detective or agency in South America,...
Hire a Private Investigator in Washington

Hire a Private Investigator in Washington State

Learn How to Hire a Private Investigator in Washington If you need to hire a private investigator in Washington, please review this list of...

Private Investigator Software

Computer software, mobile apps and online search services play a major role in the modern private eye’s business. Investigators use programs like case management to manage all of the information, data and materials related to a particular case.

Investigation professionals use online services to conduct research, run background checks, search databases and pull reports and data to find missing persons and uncover the truth about people. And detectives make heavy use of specialized applications (or apps) on their mobile devices to search for information on the go.

Visit our Private Investigator Software section.

Urgent Detective Software

Urgent Detective Software Scam

Please note that we do not recommend Urgent Detective.  Based on feedback from...
Anti-virus software

Anti-Virus Software

What is Anti-Virus Software? Before we talk about Anti-Virus Software,...


TheTruthSpy is another mobile spy app solution that can be used to monitor activity on...

Most Popular Articles


Some private investigation cases require the use of hi-tech surveillance equipment, sometimes referred to as spy gear. Private investigators who specialize in providing surveillance are familiar with a wide range of electronic gadgets such as video cameras, listening devices, bugging and debugging equipment, and much more. Review the articles in our spy gear section to learn more about the types of tools a private investigator might use to catch a cheating spouse, track down a missing person and gather information for a case.

How to find Hidden Cameras

How to Find Hidden Cameras and Covert Video Recording Devices

This article explains how to find hidden cameras and covert video and audio recording devices. Hidden cameras and video recording devices are used to capture photos and video footage of people without their knowledge. This is done for both legal and illegal purposes and for a variety of reasons....
GPS Tracking Devices for Monitoring a Person's Location and Movement

GPS Tracking Devices

What is GPS? GPS is an acronym for Global Positioning System, which is a system of satellites and receiving devices used to compute positions on the Earth. Three people were given credit for inventing the technology for the United States Department of Defense: Ivan...
Tile Item Tracker

Tile Bluetooth Tracking Device

One of the coolest gadgets to emerge in recent months is the small Bluetooth tracking device. The most popular such item is the Tile item tracker. The device can be attached to almost anything and then tracked via a free app on a smart phone or tablet....
Tips for Keeping Your Home Safe

Tips for Keeping Your Home and Family Safe for the Holidays

We believe the holiday season should be one of joy. Whether you’re staying home or traveling this year, this article provides a list of...

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Be sure to check out our extensive Lists of Lists category. The lists are for anyone who is interested in interesting facts and information, not just for those who are employed in professions related to the investigative industry. You’ll find lists such as a List of Social Networks (for social media checks), List of State Information, List of Search Engines for private eyes and more. Additionally, we pulled together lists of interesting information like U.S. Presidents, Real Estate Facts, Server Error Codes and more.

List of National Parks in the United States

List of U.S. National Parks

About the U.S. National Parks The National Park Service, an agency of the United States Department of the Interior, operates 59 protected areas comprising nearly 52 million acres of land known as National Parks....
List of Online Calculators

List of Online Calculators

A calculator is a device for performing mathematical calculations. Calculators can come in physical form or can be in the form of software on a computer or mobile device. Some calculating devices have specialized functions and some...
list of insurance companies in the united states

List of Insurance Companies in the United States

This article provides a list of insurance companies in the United States. The list of insurance companies include organizations that provide home, auto, health, life and many other types. In addition, many of the companies on the...

Popular crime TV series, police dramas and detective shows have always inspired people to pursue exciting careers as police officers and private detectives. Check out our List of the Top 50 Best Crime TV Series and Detective Shows. What\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’s your favorite series?