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eInvestigator.com is a reference and education resource for professionals who work in the investigation industry, including private investigators, police detectives, crime scene investigation experts, security specialists, and legal professionals. You’ll find hundreds of how-to articles, product reviews, research tools and much more. Get started now with our with our huge list of Research Tools.

Background Check

Background Checks – Online Criminal and Public Records Search

A background check is a detailed investigation into a person's history to help make a decision about the individual. This article provides an overview...

Background investigations, employment and work history verification, and date checks are some of the most commonly requested services handled by private investigators. Learn how to use online database service providers like LexisNexis, public records providers like Intelius and specialized software to find the truth about people.

Use the resources, articles and lists in this section to learn how to compile data and information from multiple sources into reports and dossiers for your clients.

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Our Police and Law Enforcement section includes articles and information related to law enforcement officials and the duties of police officers. Learn how to become a police officer and start a career in the field, where to go for training and education, the equipment and vehicles used in the line of duty, and much more.

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Hire a Private Investigator

If you need to hire a private investigator, please visit our international directory of private eyes and agencies. In our directory, you’ll find lists of local professionals who can help with a broad range of investigative needs.

Mobile phone spy software

List of the Best Mobile Phone Spy Software Apps

What is Mobile Phone Spy Software? Mobile Phone Spy Software is a hybrid software and monitoring service that is used to track caller activity on mobile...

Computer software, mobile apps and online search services play a major role in the modern private eye’s business. Investigators use programs like case management to manage all of the information, data and materials related to a particular case.

Investigation professionals use online services to conduct research, run background checks, search databases and pull reports and data to find missing persons and uncover the truth about people. And detectives make heavy use of specialized applications (or apps) on their mobile devices to search for information on the go.

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Spy gear

Spy Gear, Surveillance Equipment and Electronic Gadgets

Spy gear is any electronic equipment or device used to conduct various types of surveillance, counter-surveillance and investigations. Spy gear is also commonly referred to as...

Professional investigative work requires the use of hi-tech equipment and electronic gadgets for things such as performing surveillance, capturing video and photos of subjects, checking for electronic bugs, and more.

Surveillance experts use a variety of tools to gather the evidence needed to solve criminal and civil cases alike. Check out the articles in this section to learn more about the best tools and how to use them to help solve more cases.

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United States Secret Service

United States Secret Service: Protecting the President Since 1865

United States Secret Service The United States Secret Service is a federal law enforcement agency headquartered in Washington, D.C., and more than 150 offices throughout...

The United States government has a wide variety of resources that may be helpful to sleuths and gumshoes of all kinds. U.S. Intelligence Agencies such as the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the National Security Agency (NSA) and investigative departments such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and even the Secret Service can be helpful resources for gumshoes who are searching for people, data and information.

Visit our Government Research section to read helpful articles and learn more about how to leverage these helpful resources.

collection agency books

Collection Agency Books: How Collectors Track Down Debtors

A collection agency is a business that attempts to collect financial payments on debts owed by individuals or businesses. Most collection agencies operate as...

There are numerous books and reference manuals available on Amazon.com that provide detailed information on every aspect of investigative work. There are books on everything from how to conduct a background check to how to track down a missing person. Private eyes can leverage the information in books to help expand their knowledge and skills on a variety of specialized investigative functions.

In addition, it’s always a good idea to build a library of reference materials for future use. And, if you’re inspired by fiction and non-fiction detective crime stories, there are a huge number of quick reads available.

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Books of the Bible

List of Books of the Holy Bible: Old and New Testaments

What are the Books of the Bible? Many people ask, "What are the books of the bible?" or "How many books are there in the...

Be sure to check out our extensive Lists of Lists category, where you’ll find an extensive collection of lists. Of course, the lists are for anyone who is interested in interesting facts and information, not just for those who are employed in professions related to the investigative industry.

You’ll find lists such as a List of Social Networks (for social media checks), List of State Information, List of Search Engines for conducting research and more. Additionally, we pulled together lists of interesting information like, Real Estate Facts, Server Error Codes, U.S. Presidents and more

Best Crime Series and Detective Shows

List of the Best Crime TV Series and Detective Shows

This article provides an extensive list of the best crime TV series and detective shows. Many people develop their original interest in becoming a...

Many people get their original inspiration to become a private eye from watching police crime dramas and detective investigation series on TV. For example, how cool was Tom Selleck, as Thomas Magnum, driving around the streets of Hawaii in a red Ferrari and living in a multi-million dollar mansion. In contrast, the police detective Colombo used quirky, but effective investigative methods to uncover the facts and solve crimes. In fact, my father got his inspiration to become a P.I. from watching James Garner in The Rockford Files.

In contrast to the shows of the 70’s and 80’s, the more modern shows such as Law & Order and NCIS inspire a new generation of crime scene investigation specialists.

The introduction of crime scene forensics and DNA lab testing inspires many people to pursue a career in putting criminals behind bars. Check out our List of the Best Crime TV Series and Detective Shows for the definitive list of the most popular TV series, both old and new. All are available on DVD.