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Search Public Records

Run an online public records people search and find the real truth about anyone. Learn how to search online databases and OSINT websites to track down an old friend, reconnect with a lost love, or find a missing person.

BeenVerified background checks

BeenVerified Background and Public Records Search

This article is a review of BeenVerified, the online people search, background search, and public records research service. In this review, I'll provide a...
Background check

Background Check Databases and Services for Investigators

This article overviews background checks, investigations, and companies providing products and services. We'll also cover the types of checks available and what's in a...

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Police & Law Enforcement Articles

The Police and Law Enforcement section has a collection of helpful articles and blog posts related to law enforcement. Learn what it takes to become a police officer and where to get the training and education you need. Plus, learn about the equipment, weapons, and vehicles officers use in the line of duty.

Police 10 Codes

List of Police 10 Codes: Guide to Law Enforcement Radio Communications

What are Police 10 Codes? Police 10 Codes are signals police officers, law enforcement officials, and government agencies use to talk in two-way radio communications....
How to get a police report

How to Get a Police Report: Navigating the Process to Get...

What is a Police Report? People file a police report with law enforcement for various reasons. For example, domestic disputes, traffic accidents, burglaries, home invasions, fraud,...

Investigation Software, Apps, and Online Services

Private investigators, law enforcement officers, and intelligence agents use a variety of computer software, online services, OSINT tools, and mobile apps during the investigative process.

Private Investigator software

Private Investigator Software: Essential Tools for Modern Detectives

The impact and broad utility of private investigator software, apps, and online services in the field of investigation. Technology plays a key role in any...
Mobile phone spy software

Cell Phone Trackers and Mobile Phone Spy Software

What is Mobile Phone Spy Software? Mobile Phone Spy Software is a hybrid software and monitoring service that tracks caller activity on mobile devices, cell phones,...
Case management software

Case Management Software Solutions for Investigation Agencies

This article provides an overview of legal case management and case management software. Case Management is the information management and workflow practices, procedures, and...

Detectives use computer-based software programs and mobile apps, such as case management software, databases, productivity tools, and more, to help their agency operate more efficiently. In addition, professional detectives and intelligence agents use online services to conduct research, run background checks, and search public records databases. Then, they pull reports and analyze data to find missing persons and uncover the truth about people.

TV Crime Series

Influential true crime TV series, police dramas, and detective shows have sparked the interest of individuals, inspiring them to embark on dynamic careers as police officers or professional private detectives. Explore our compilation of the Top 50 Best Crime TV Series and Detective Shows, featuring insightful overviews of classics such as Columbo, Barney Miller, Magnum P.I., and more.

Surveillance Equipment and Spy Gear

Some cases require the use of hi-tech surveillance equipment, sometimes referred to as spy gear. Sleuths and gumshoes who provide surveillance services need to be familiar with a wide range of electronic gadgets. For example, devices such as video cameras, binoculars and night vision goggles, audio listening devices, bugging and debugging equipment, drones, and many more.

Review the articles in our spy gear section to learn more about the types of surveillance tools and electronic equipment a private investigator might use to catch a cheating spouse, track down a missing person and gather information for a case.

Get a PI License

Interested in becoming a private investigator? Learn how to get a license and pursue an exciting career in the investigation industry. Learn the state requirements, how to apply, join an association, get training, and more.

OSINT Tools & Resources

A list of useful Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) tools and resources. Includes search tools to help you find public records, verify facts, search social media sites, reverse search images, uncover government data, and more.

Training and Education

Explore our training and educational resources to help you learn how to become a private investigator, such as:

  • Investigation schools, training courses, and programs
  • Training academies
  • Home study courses and distance learning programs

Crime Scene Investigations

Detectives use crime scene investigation, forensic science techniques, and equipment to:

  • Explore crime scenes
  • Collect evidence
  • Analyze fingerprints
  • Evaluate firearm ballistics and DNA evidence

Lists of Lists

If you’re a naturally curious snooper, you love information. Be sure to check out our extensive Lists of Lists category. You’ll find lists such as Search Engines, Social Networks, and more to help with online investigations.

List of the best search engines

Best Search Engines for Private Eyes: A Comprehensive Guide

This article provides an overview of search engines and a list of the best search engines. An internet search engine is a searchable online...
List of Social Media Networks

Social Media Surveillance: Platforms Every PI Should Know About

Private investigators are often called upon to investigate cases that involve social media. For example, harassment, fraud, hacked accounts, identity theft, catfishing, stalking, etc....

Cell Phone Trackers

Mobile Spy Software apps help investigators covertly track the activity and location of a mobile phone or tablet. Parents use cell phone trackers to keep an eye on their children. Plus, employers and suspicious spouses use phone monitoring solutions like mSpy and FlexiSpy.

mSpy Cell phone tracking software

mSpy Cell Phone Tracking Software

Overview of the mSpy Software and App for Tracking Mobile Devices mSpy is considered to be the most popular cell phone tracking application. The broad...
Mobile phone spy software

Cell Phone Trackers and Mobile Phone Spy Software

What is Mobile Phone Spy Software? Mobile Phone Spy Software is a hybrid software and monitoring service that tracks caller activity on mobile devices, cell phones,...

Books, Podcasts, and Audiobooks

Expand your collection of reference and educational materials about the private investigation industry with our library of recommended private investigator books. Learn new skills and techniques with how-to books, textbooks, reference manuals, audiobooks, true crime podcasts, and magazines.

Online Search Books and Reference Guides

Learn How to Become an Expert at Searching for and Finding Information Online The internet is a private investigator's best friend, especially the search engine. Private...

Forensic Science Books for Investigators

This article provides an overview of forensic science and includes a list of recommended forensic science books to help you learn more about the...

Investigative Associations

Join a local, state, or nationwide investigation association:

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