Barney Miller TV Series Season Episodes on DVD

Barney Miller on DVD

Barney Miller Television Series Overview

Barney Miller is a hilarious comedy television series set in a fictional New York City police station located in Greenwich Village. The Barney Miller television series ran on the ABC television network from January 23, 1975 to May 20, 1982.

On the popular show, Captain Barney Miller (played by actor Hal Linden) tries his best to remain in control of his sanity while leading the detectives and employees of the city’s 12th Police Precinct. The show is both an Emmy and Peabody Award winner.

The Cast

The show’s acting lineup includes an incredibly unique and diverse cast. The combination is what makes the show work. The characters are quirky wisecrackers with dry senses of humor:

  • Crochety and old, but still hilarious, Jewish-American Philip K. Fish, played by actor Abe Vigoda
  • Naive but still good-natured Polish-American Detective Stanley “Wojo” Wojciehowicz, played by actor Max Gail
  • Ambitious and arrogant African-American Detective Ronald “Ron” Nathan Harris, played by actor Ron Glass
  • Philosophical and wisecracking Japanese-American Nick Yemana, played by actor Jack Soo
  • The funny Puerto Rican Chano Amanguale, played by actor  Gregory Sierra

Barney Miller also has to deal with his old-school boss, Chief Inspector Frank Luger (James Gregory), and Officer Carl Levitt (Ron Carey), who constantly badgers Miller about being promoted to detective. Amanguale was replaced by intellectual Arthur P. Dietrich (Steve Landesberg) beginning in the third season.

The critically acclaimed show’s focus was split between the detectives’ interactions with each other and with the suspects and witnesses they detained, processed, and interviewed. On almost every show, an interesting character pass through the precinct. The show’s cast and stories about relevant issues of the times made it one of the most fondly remembered shows of all time.

Television Series Season Episodes Available on DVD

  • The First Season on DVD – The first season of Barney Miller is a two disc set that contains a total of 13 season episodes. This package includes interviews and extras.
  • The Complete Second Season on DVD – The second season consists of a three-disc set of DVDs that includes all 22 season episodes. Bonus footage also included.
  • The Complete Third Season on DVD  – Includes all of the episodes from the third season and some bonus features as well.
  • Season 4 – This package includes a total of three discs and 555 minutes of total running time.
  • Season 5 – Includes three discs and 570 minutes of video footage.
  • Season 6 –  Includes three discs and 540 minutes of total running time.

Where to Buy

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To learn more about the show, visit its Wikipedia page at


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