Surveillance Books: Learn How to Observe, Tail and Follow Subjects

Private Eye in Car with Camera
Private eye conducting surveillance.

Surveillance is one of the key services that private investigators offer to their clients. People hire detectives to watch the movements of cheating spouses, family members, and employees. Detectives perform various types of surveillance, including physical, video, camera, and audio to capture the activity of their subject. Conducting effective surveillance is both an art and a science and must have a variety of techniques and knowledge from which to draw upon.  Private eyes need the right skills, know-how, and patience, combined with the right equipment and tools.

The best way to gain experience in observing suspects is to do so on the job. However, surveillance books and manuals can help provide a great deal of knowledge on the subject. Combining on the job experience with book smarts and the right equipment will help you become and expert in no time. Check out these helpful books and reference guides:

Countermeasures: A Serious Guide To Detecting, Evading, And Eluding Threats To Personal Privacy

This revealing book explains how to detect and evade surveillance efforts by other people. This guide teaches you how to practice tactics of observation and awareness, detection and evasion against even the most sophisticated techniques. In addition to understanding how to conduct effective covert observation, private detectives need to know when they are being watched. This book will help you understand what to look for.

Countering Hostile Surveillance: Detect, Evade, and Neutralize Physical Surveillance Threats

Read the course book in identifying and evading hostile monitoring in the real world. This book is a must-have for private investigators who conduct covert missions for their clients. This book explains how you can detect and evade those who are following or watching your movements, whether you’re in a car or on foot. You’ll learn, in great detail, the countermeasures that are proven effective against even the most advanced techniques. Great for private investigators and security professionals.

Ultimate Surveillance DVD – The Basics
This interactive DVD teaches you many of the techniques necessary to develop the skills of covert monitoring. The DVD provides real-life examples with live action footage to help you learn even fasts. It serves as a great training and reference guide for private investigators and security experts.

Secrets Of Surveillance: A Professionals Guide To Tailing Subjects By Vehicle, Foot, Airplane, And Public Transportation

This helpful guide explains how private detectives can tail subjects in a variety of transportation modes, including on foot, by vehicle, air travel, and even various modes of public transportation such as the subway or in taxi cabs. This guide places greater emphasis on personal skills, intuition and quick decision making rather than the use of high-tech gadgets.

The Private Investigator’s Licensing Handbook: How to Get a Private Investigator License in any StateThink you might be interested in pursuing a career as a private investigator? Browse through the pages of this eBook to learn about the services provided by private investigators, the typical work environment, career outlook and salary range. Plus learn the basic licensing requirements for each states and where to find more information. Includes sections on training and education, PI associations and more. Buy the eBook at Amazon today for just $2.99.

Techniques in Counter surveillance : The Fine Art of Bug Extermination in the Real World of Intelligence Gathering

Learn how corporate spies secretly gather information on you using high-tech gadgets such as telephone wiretaps, “bugs”, hidden microphones and video recorders. Then put that knowledge to work to protect yourself and your clients using a variety of counter-surveillance measures.

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