Private Investigator Apps, Software and Detective Search Programs

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Private Investigator Apps, Software and Detective Search Programs

Technology plays a key role in a private investigator’s business and in the process of investigation. Private eyes use apps, software and online search tools to conduct investigations and search for records such as criminal histories, divorce records, address histories, driving records, financial records, and more. Private detectives also use various programs and applications (also known as apps) to communicate with with clients, witnesses, business partners and vendors. View a list of all of the posts in this category.

Most of the detective applications available today are designed for use on a personal computer. However, many software technology companies are building programs that run on smart phones and tablets via small apps. Systems designed for tablets and cell phones help private investigators run the software programs they need while out of the office on surveillance missions. Private detectives should do their best to keep up with the latest trends in technology and learn to integrate technology into their operations wherever possible.

Background Investigation

Detective software programs that allow private detectives to perform background checks and verify personal information are critical tools. A private investigator can outsource the process to a company that specializes in conducting background checks, employment verification, and fact checking.  Alternatively, a private eye can invest in an online service, private investigator systems and tools to conduct all or part of the background check themselves. Some of excellent services for performing background checks, searching public records, conducting employment checks and finding missing persons include InteliusU.S. Search and Spokeo People Search.

App Reviews

Following are reviews of various mobile apps that are useful for detectives:

Private Investigator Software

Following is an overview of the various types of technology tools that private eyes may use during the course of their daily work:

  • Case Management Software – These systems help P.I.’s manage information related to investigation cases such as storing clients records, managing billing information, employee and payroll records, and more. The latest versions come in the form of cloud-based services, allowing access via computer, tablet and mobile devices from anywhere in the world. This is particularly useful for larger private investigation agencies and law offices.
  • Face Reading – A cool program that allows you to profile a person, business associate, or prospective employee with Face Reading technology.
  • Genealogy Search – Detectives use genealogy software to research family histories and build family trees.
  • Legal and Law – Legal documents, legal forms, etc.
  • Mobile Phone Tracking and Forensics – A cell phone spy software tool that allows you to monitor cell phone usage.
  • Sex Offender Search – Search for sexual predators and criminals in your area.

Computer Monitoring

A variety of computer monitoring software is available to assist in conducting computer security investigations, computer forensics and to conduct online surveillance.

Investigators that conduct computer crime investigations or computer security investigations should be familiar with general computer programs for task such as business communications, customer relationship management (CRM), accounting, data recovery, and security.

Following are the leading titles for private investigators to monitor PC activity,monitor network activity, and more:


In addition to programs used for conducting investigations, Private Eyes use a variety of business systems to keep their business running smoothly.

Online Search Tools

A variety of online search programs are available to help with looking up information online. The most common private investigator systems search for people, look up addresses and phone numbers, and conduct background investigations. Beware of such programs as Net Detective and Urgent Detective that claim to offer free background check capabilities. They are of little value to the serious professional.

  • Net Detective Online – This online detective program claims to help you find everything from criminal records, divorce records, and driving records. However, it is little more than an outdated address search or white pages search tool
  • eDetective – Another online search tool that claims to provide free background check capabilities. However, it is simply a scam. We do not recommend its use.
  • Urgent Detective – Another online search tool that claims to provide free background check capabilities.

We tested each of these services and do not feel they live up to the claim of offering free background check capabilities. You are unlikely to find a legitimate service that provides a truly free background check outside of free public records searches.


You don’t necessarily need a to be a private eye to use many of these programs and apps. Nor do you need to be licensed. However, some companies may require certain types of various certifications to confirm that you are operating a valid business and need to access information for legitimate business reasons.


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  1. Jason Gagnon
    Jason Gagnon 14 January, 2016, 23:28

    I’m an agent to my landlord. We use an outside company to do background checks on tenants. We look for violent history, credit report, evictions, warrants, fugitive and look to see how they pay their bills on time. Every time we have one of these done it costs the tenant (not us) $70. We are looking to eliminate who we are using, in hopes that we can do it ourselves without having to go through the waiting process of getting results.

    I would be interested in hearing what your software can do for us, if anything. We are looking at other solutions as well. I thought I would ask to see if you could be of any assistance to us in our needs.

    Thank you!

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  2. MayaZP
    MayaZP 3 December, 2015, 09:04


    I would like to point to a new type of surveillance device & software that might be interesting to your readers. This tool works in a unique way and was not available before.

    Smartphones and other WiFi devices are continuously emitting fingerprints that can be detected. In this way it is possible to identify the device owner. So we can confirm a person presence, get instant notifications upon detection and monthly reports.

    If you are interested you can check out

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  3. Craig Henry
    Craig Henry 3 May, 2015, 02:58


    I saw this article and thought some new case/intelligence management software I am developing might interest your readers. The software, called ‘IntGraph’, basically allows you to make sense of, and keep track of complex intelligence and links gained during investigations. I have created the software for my own needs, but quite a few people said they would like to also use it. If you’d like to check it out, you can at

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  4. Quincy007
    Quincy007 16 April, 2015, 09:57

    Hi there !

    Would only like to say a big thanks for such useful information and reading i.c.w. my line of interest in becoming one of the most ”wanted” private investigator in my province ? and who knows, maybe internationally as well !.
    I find this to be more of a fun type of job where everything and each situation isn’t always the same, because situations changes from one the other as well as different matters and cases to work on. But also to remember that it can be a very stressful job as well because of irregular times and hours of work including travelling etc.

    Kind regards


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