Keylogger Software: Record Keystrokes, Emails, and Texts


What is Keylogger Software?

Keystroke logging (often called keylogging) is the act of tracking, recording, capturing, or logging the keys typed on a keyboard. The keyboard can be on a computer, mobile phone, cell phone, or table. However, most tracking software is for computers and cell phones. The software captures data and stores it locally on the computer or device. Then, it uploads the data and information to cloud storage or via email.

How does Keylogger Software work?

Keylogging is usually done covertly so that the person using the computer is unaware that their activity is being monitored and recorded. Numerous keylogging methods exist, from hardware and software-based approaches to electromagnetic and acoustic analysis.

Some of the most popular keylogging software tools are designed for mobile phones. Learn more about Mobile Device Tracking Software. This article provides a more in-depth review of how mobile devices use this software. In addition, we provide a review of each of the above packages.

Who uses the Software?

The point of recording what is being typed is later retrieving the information for review. Following are examples of WHY someone might want to use keylogger software to accomplish this:

  • Suspicious Parents – A parent might be suspicious of their child’s emails or text messages. So, they will install the program on their child’s computer or mobile device to monitor their behavior.
  • Jealous Spouse or Partner – A jealous mate may want to keep track of their significant other’s online activity. Perhaps they suspect their mate may be cheating on them and want to know who they’re chatting with.
  • Private Investigators – A private investigator may need to gather information as part of a case, often in one of the above circumstances. Suspicious parents or jealous spouses may hire a private investigator to do the dirty work. If you’re a private investigator, please investigate the legal issues surrounding using these programs and tools.
  • Law Enforcement – Police officers and detectives use the tools in surveillance missions and forensic investigations.
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) – The FBI uses similar tools in high-profile cases to capture information in domestic and international cases.

Employers – Employers may want to keep track of their employees while they are on the clock.

Other Keylogging Software Solutions

Key-logging software is the most commonly used approach and is most readily available. To use this approach, you must purchase and install the software on the device you wish to track. Before making a purchase, we recommend you research the legality of using such software in your state, as using such programs may be illegal. The following software-based programs are designed to work on a computer’s operating system:

Elite Keylogger (Standard Edition) Software – Elite Keystroke Recorder is the most potent surveillance recorder for monitoring and recording every detail of PC and Internet activity at home and in the office. Additionally, it’s an invisible keystroke recorder.

Elite (PRO Edition) Software – The PRO software edition provides the same features as the Standard edition.

Handy Keylogger Software – This new version of an award-winning keylogger gives you complete control over your PC and is undetectable to other users. With this helpful tool, it is possible to start stealth monitoring several clicks after your free download is complete. The tool mainly features and does a very good job with four types of logs: keystrokes log, clipboard log, screenshots, and websites visited.

Keyloggers are Available at

AirDrive Keylogger – Hardware USB Keylogger with Wi-Fi, 16MB memory
AirDrive Keylogger - Hardware USB Keylogger with Wi-Fi and 16MB memory

The smallest keylogger hardware device on the market. It acts as a Wi-Fi hotspot. No software or app is necessary. Retrieve data remotely without having to touch the device.

AirDrive Forensic Keylogger Cable - USB extension cable hardware keylogger with Wi-Fi and 16MB memory

A discrete hardware solution works as a WiFi hotspot to capture data. Access the data via a website.

How to Protect Yourself

There are some things you can do to protect yourself from keyloggers, including:

  • Keep your software up to date.
  • Use a firewall and antivirus software.
  • Be careful about the websites you visit and the links you click on
  • Don’t open email attachments from unknown senders
  • Use a strong password manager
  • Be aware of the signs of a keylogger infection, such as unexplained changes to your computer’s settings or performance.

If you have questions about keylogger software or the keylogging process, please comment below.

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