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Background Checks and Background Search Companies

This category includes background checks and investigation resources for private investigators and police officers. In this section, you’ll find an overview of background checks and the types of information they contain. In addition, we’ll provide a list of reputable background check providers, a comprehensive list of research tools, and many other resources to help you check into people’s history.

In addition, you’ll find information on companies that provide background search and public records lookup tools.

Intelius Public Records Search

Intelius Public Records Search

An Overview of Intelius Public Records Search Tool The Intelius Public Records search engine provides information about people, their histories, and their connections to other people, places, and organizations. Intelius has a robust and proprietary technology...
BeenVerified background check

BeenVerified Background and Public Records Search

This article reviews BeenVerified, the online people search, background search, and public records research service. In this review, I'll provide a high-level overview of the company, the features, and benefits of its public records...
Background check

Background Check Databases and Services for Investigators

This article provides an overview of background checks, investigations, and the companies providing products and services. In addition, we'll cover the different types of checks that are available and what's in a typical report. A...

Criminal Records Database Search

What is a Criminal Record? A criminal record is an official account of a person's criminal history. A criminal records database search is most often used by potential employers, lenders, etc., to assess the worthiness of...

Investigating Social Media Accounts and Profiles

What information can you gather by investigating social media accounts? Social media is a powerful tool that can be used to connect people with similar interests, promote events, and share information on breaking news stories....
Vital Records Search

How to Find Vital Records

What are vital records? Before you embark on a vital records search, it is essential to understand the term's meaning. Vital records are the official documentation of significant life events that include: Birth certificates and related...

Reverse Address or Phone Number Search

What is a Reverse Search? A reverse search is used when you want to use one piece of information to find another related piece. For example, a reverse phone number search matches a phone number...
How to search the white pages

How to Search the White Pages to Find People

Learn How to Search the White Pages and Find People This article explains how you can search the white pages for a phone number or address to find people. It is much easier and faster to...
Spokeo public records search engine

Spokeo People Search

An Overview of the Spokeo People Search Engine Spokeo, the People Search Engine, is an excellent search engine that aggregates information about people from different public records sources and then compiles all this information into a single...

List of the Top Online Public Records Research Websites

What are Public Records? Public records refer to data and information filed or recorded by public agencies that are not considered confidential, meaning they are available to the general public. This generally includes such information as...