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Background investigation resources for private detectives, police officers and employers. In this section, you'll find a list of reputable background check providers, a comprehensive list of employment check research tools, and many other resources for checking into the history of applicants, employees and other subjects.

List of DMV Offices

List of DMV Offices: Find Department of Motor Vehicle Records

Before we get to the list of DMV offices, let's talk about the DMV, which stands for Department of Motor Vehicles. The Department of...
License plate

License Plate, Car Tags and Vehicle Registration Searches

So you want to search for a license plate? Before you start conducting a license plate search or set out to find vehicle registration...
Vital Records Search

Vital Records Search: Birth, Marriage and Divorce Documents

What are vital records? Before you embark on a vital records search, it is important to under stand the meaning of the term. Vital records...
Reverse Search

How to do a Reverse Search for People, Addresses & Phone Numbers

What is a Reverse Search? A reverse search is used when you want to use one piece of information to find another related piece. For...
sex offender search

How to Search for a Registered Sex Offender in Your Area

This article explains how to search for a sex offender in your area. Before we explain how to conduct a sex offender search, let's...
Public Records

List of the Top Online Public Records Research Websites

What are Public Records? Public records refer to data and information that has been filed or recorded by public agencies that is not considered to...
property records

How to Find Property Records and Real Estate Reports

Resources for Property Records Searches Private investigation cases often involve property in one form or another.  Whether it is physical property such as a house,...
Criminal Records Database Search

How to Run a Criminal Records Database Search Online Now

What is a Criminal Record? A criminal record is an official record of a person's criminal history. A criminal records database search is most often used...
Nanny Background Check

Nanny Background Check: List of Tips for Screening Caregivers

Nanny Background Checks If you are considering hiring a nanny, babysitter or other type of caregiver to provide support for your children, there are a...
Background Check Books

Background Check Books: Learn how to Check Out Someone’s History

The following Background Check books provide helpful details on the subject of Background Investigations. These background check books will help you learn: The components...
Due Diligence Investigations

International Investment Risk Cut by Due Diligence Investigations

International recruiting and investment is a common practice in today's global marketplace. Changing labor and economic environments have pushed companies to look for opportunities...

Lists of Lists

List of the Largest Cities in the World

List of the Largest Cities in the World by Total Population

The Largest Cities in the World (by metro population) Following is a list of the largest cities in the world. The cities are ranked in...
List of gang involvement warning signs

List of Gang Involvement Warning Signs

Many parents fear their child or children may start hanging out with the wrong kind of people. In some cases, the "wrong kind of...
List of Constitutional Amendments

List of Constitutional Amendments to the United States Constitution

What is an Amendment? An amendment is an alteration of or addition to a motion, bill, constitution, etc. A total of twenty-seven amendments have been...
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