Private Investigator Books, Detective Reference Manuals and Mystery Investigation Novels

Welcome to the bookstore. Our book store includes an extensive collection of books for private investigators, police officers, security professionals and those who work in related professions. This is a great place to find a wide variety of reference books, procedure manuals, how-to guides, ebooks and more related to the investigation industry.

Some examples of the categories we offer include: Private Investigation Books, Crime Scene Investigations, Background Check, Accident Reconstruction and much more. In addition, you’ll even find detective fiction novels, mystery  and crime fiction novels from such writers as John Grisham, James Patterson, Tom Clancy and J.K. Rowling (yes, she writes detective novels too).

Both novice and experienced detectives can use textbooks to learn new investigative techniques and disciplines as an alternative to expensive and lengthy private eye training courses or university degree programs. Even fictional novels can offer insights and ideas that can be applied to real-world situations. Investigative specialists, crime scene specialists, and forensic scientists can use this collection to build their own library of reference materials.

Most of the P.I. bestsellers in this bookstore are available at the lowest price through for under $30, which often includes free shipping. Start building your library today.

Best Selling Detective Titles

Following is a list of the top-selling titles for P.I.’s.  Most are non-fiction books as opposed to fiction and many are also available in other formats such as eBooks and audiobooks. Select a category from the list below and start learning today.

  • Accident Reconstruction – Learn how to investigate an automobile accident, how to gather evidence from the scene, and analyze the data to understand the cause of the accident.
  • Adoption – Learn about the adoption process to be more effective at tracking down runaways and missing children.
  • Amazon Kindle 2 eReader – A great tool for reading publications, mystery novels and even your own documents.
  • Arson and Fire Investigations – Learn how to determine the cause of a fire and track down arsonists.
  • Background Checks – Learn how the pros conduct background checks, employment checks and criminal history record searches.
  • Bodyguard – Learn about the art and science of bodyguarding and personal protection.
  • Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) – Get the facts on the history of the CIA and read stories from real spies.
  • Collection Agency – Many detectives provide collection services to their clients due to their keen ability to conduct financial analysis and track down debtors.
  • Computer Crime and Forensics – Learn how to investigate computer crime and fraud by using the latest forensic techniques and analysis software.
  • Crime Scene Investigation – Learn how to gather and preserve evidence, analyze data, generate valid theories and solve crimes using the latest CSI techniques.
  • Criminal Investigation Techniques – The process of determining the cause of various crimes and determining who is responsible. A great collection for private eyes and cops.
  • Electronic Surveillance Techniques and Equipment – The latest word on spy gear and electronic gadgets for detectives.
  • Evidence Collection and Preservation – The art and the science of collecting evidence from crime scenes and preserving that evidence so it can be presented in a court of law.
  • Executive Protection – Learn to offer personal protection services to your clients.
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) – The history, structure and organization of the FBI. Learn how to pursue a career in the bureau.
  • Financial Investigation – Track down hidden assets, understand financial instruments and identify fraudulent activity.
  • Fingerprinting – How to lift prints from a crime scene using the latest tools, technology and techniques from private eyes and CSI experts.
  • For Dummies Series – A variety of publications and reference manuals that break down complex processes and topics into easily understood text.
  • Forensic Accounting – How to learn if someone is embezzling or committing financial fraud.


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