Crime Scene Investigations and Forensic Analysis Resources, Tools and Websites

Crime scene investigation

Crime scene investigations involves employing forensic science tools, procedures, and processes to investigate a crime scene and the collection of forensic evidence.

See also, Forensic Investigations and CSI – Crime Scene Investigations TV Show.

Many private investigators specialize in crime scene investigations, and many have former experience as a police officer. To hire a private investigator that specializes in crime scene investigations, please visit our Private Investigator Directory.

Crime Scene Investigation Websites

American Academy of Forensic Science – The American Academy of Forensic Science is a professional society for crime scene investigations devoted to the application of forensic science and law

Association for Crime Scene Reconstruction – Association that encourages the exchange of information and procedures useful in the reconstruction of crime scenes.

How Crime Scene Investigations Work – An article from that provides an overview of Crime Scene Investigations.

Ballistics – Information and links to ballistics websites and articles for crime scene investigations

Becoming a Crime Scene Investigator – Provides an idea of the variety of responsibilities a crime scene investigator will have and the minimum requirements to apply for a job as a crime scene investigator

Crime Scene and Evidence Photography – Links and resources for the crime scene investigator related to crime scene evidence and photography.

Crime Scene Clean-up – Group that is dedicated to helping to compassionately, safely and discreetly restore a scene to a safe state.

Crime Scene Investigation Supplies – Provides a wide selection of tools, equipment and supplies.

Crime Scene Processing Protocol – Article on the protocol for processing a crime scene

Evidence Collection – Evidence collection resources and evidence collection reference guides and manuals.

Fingerprinting – A collection of links and information on fingerprinting to be used in investigating crime scenes

International Crime Scene Investigators Association – Assists law enforcement personnel who are involved in the processing of crime scenes.

International Homicide Investigators Association – Assists and supports law enforcement agencies and death investigation professionals by providing leadership, training, resources, and expertise that will enhance their ability to solve cases.

National Forensic Science Technical Center – A not-for-profit corporation funded by a Cooperative Agreement with the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) and provides programs that build individual competency and quality systems for the forensic science community in the United States.

SI Restoration- Crime Scene Clean Up – The company services a Crime Scene Cleaning or Blood Clean Up with their certified and trained staff.

Unshredder – Unshredder is a simple program that unleashes the power of a desktop computer to reduce the time consumed by investigators reconstructing shredded documentary evidence. Until now the only alternative to manual processing was to engage a third party to process the work on computers at their premises. By comparison to external processing of the evidence Unshredder reduces the turnaround time, keeps full control of the investigation in-house and there is less risk of a security risk or loss of the evidence. The original shreds remain unchanged from the process and the integrity of the original is captured electronically to be printed or dispatched electronically by wire or disc.

Books and DVDs

Books – Find books related to crime scene investigations at

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