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This category includes a collection of lists in various categories that rank everything from the tallest mountains to a list of the Presidents of the United States. These lists are great for research or if you just want to learn something new.

List of the best email newsletters

List of the Best Email Newsletters

This article provides a list of the best email newsletters. I decided to compile this list when I started doing research for my own email newsletter, The Digital Detective. I wanted to create a...
List of Alexa Commands

List of Alexa Voice Commands for the Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo and Alexa In this article, I'll provide an overview of the Amazon Echo family of devices. And, I'll provide a list of Alexa voice commands you can use to control the device. The...

List of Cryptocurrencies, Cryptos, and Tokens

Since 2021, nearly 50,000 people reported losing more than $1 billion in scams related to cryptocurrency. As a private investigator, you may begin to receive requests from clients to investigate this type of fraud. Therefore,...
List of Acronyms for Chatting and Texting

List of Acronyms for Chatting and Texting

The world wide web was officially invented in 1989, by Tim Berners-Lee, a British scientist working at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research. I've been using the internet in one form or another...
List of the Largest Cities in the World

List of the Largest Cities in the World by Total Population

Following is a list of the largest cities in the world by total population. The cities are ranked in descending order, beginning with the largest city first. The population numbers shown include the population within...
List of Presidents of the United States

List of Presidents of the United States of America

This article provides an overview of the Responsibilities of the President and provides a list of Presidents and Vice Presidents of the United States. Roles & Responsibilities of the American President The President of the United...
list of insurance companies in the united states

List of the Best Insurance Companies in the United States

This article provides a list of insurance companies in the United States. The list includes organizations that provide full coverage solutions for your home, auto, health, life, and many other things. In addition, many...
meal delivery services

List of the Best Meal Delivery Services

So, you're thinking about having meals delivered to your home? Where do you start? The number of services ballooned during the pandemic when many of us were stuck at home. Below is a list...
List of Online Calculators

List of Online Calculators

A calculator is a device for performing mathematical calculations. Calculators can come in physical form or can be in the form of software on a computer or mobile device. Some calculating devices have specialized...
Books of the Bible

List of Books of the Holy Bible: Old and New Testaments

What are the Books of the Bible? Many people ask, "What are the books of the bible?" or "How many books are there in the Bible? That can be a difficult question to answer directly...