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About IRBSearch

In 2001, a group of private investigators with more than 50 years of experience founded IRBSearch to advance investigators’ online search capabilities. Today, the company offers extensive online search resources for private investigators, process servers, bounty hunters, bail bond agents, and repossession specialists.

Library of Online Search Reports

The online resource has a wide variety of search reports (currently more than 40). For example:

  • Asset search allows you to search for property, motor vehicles, and watercraft.
  • Court records – Includes data and information related to bankruptcy, criminal, civil, foreclosure, lien and judgment, and sex offender search.
  • Licenses – Driver, hunting and fishing, and professional licenses.
  • People search – Find records related to marriage and divorce, death, email, social media, utilities, voter registration, and more.
  • Phone records – This lookup tool allows you to search over 1,500 proprietary identity and phone sources. Using this service, you can conduct reverse phone number lookups, identify related contact information, review phone history,
  • Business Information

The reports include data and information from all U.S. states and territories. Records outside the U.S. are not available.

Data Formats

The system allows you to export reports in several formats. The first option is Microsft Excel, in case you want to do further analysis or combine it with data from other sources. Also, you can download reports in Microsoft Word and PDF to prepare client reports.

Comprehensive Search Report

The Comprehensive Search Report gathers data from millions of public records. Depending on what is available for a particular subject, the report may contain the following:

  • Subject information
  • Aliases
  • Associated addresses
  • Associated phone numbers
  • Associated email addresses
  • Criminal records summary
  • Indicators (indicates whether or not the subject has a criminal record, is a sex offender, has a concealed weapon, has property, has a bankruptcy, has a corporate affiliation, is deceased, etc.)

Additional Services

In addition to the options listed above, IRBSearch offers nationwide court document retrieval services. Access county, state, and federal documents that aren’t always available online.

They use a network of specialists to obtain records from courthouses nationwide. It is logistically and economically impossible for you to travel to every courthouse in the country, even for a high-profile case. This can be incredibly helpful and time-saving when you need court filings from a remote courthouse.

The company offers a free trial/demo so that you can give it a test run before you buy.

Integration with CrossTrax

CrossTrax and IRBsearch have collaborated to offer an exceptional all-in-one investigative tool. CROSStrax’s cloud-based Investigative Case Management software now seamlessly integrates IRBsearch’s Skip Tracing Search platform, combining the strengths of both platforms, specifically designed by investigators for investigators.

IRBsearch provides superior data at competitive prices with extensive features, making it an efficient, secure, and feature-rich skip-tracing tool. No more sifting through outdated reports—choose IRBsearch for accurate, quick results in finding individuals, businesses, or assets.

CROSStrax enhances investigative efficiency with its streamlined case management and CRM software. Designed to organize and manage investigations effortlessly, CROSStrax assists in improving your company’s organization, efficiency, and profitability.

Key Features of CROSStrax:

  • Email and Chat Integration: Save time and reduce administrative burden with integrated chat and email correspondence. Automated case creation streamlines processes.
  • Media Upload: Investigators can easily upload video, audio, and photos, maintaining date and time stamps without costly video production programs.
  • Defined Workflow Process: Categorize resources into paid databases, open-source databases, and useful phone apps. User contributions are curated for accuracy.
  • Dynamic Billing: Maintain integrated relationships with leading online data solutions. Generate professional invoices through QuickBooks for faster payments.
  • Client Metric Reporting: Ensure consistency and accountability with client metric reporting, providing actionable data on each case.
  • Interactive and Shared Calendars: Never miss important events with interactive, shared calendars for you, your investigators, and your clients.
  • Streamlined Dashboard: Easily navigate assignments with a dashboard that identifies current tasks, potential client issues, or assignments requiring special attention.
  • One-Click Reporting: Generate investigative reports with a single click for easy analysis, improving agency performance.
  • 100% Responsive Design: Work seamlessly on every device in any location. Investigators can add notes using mobile phones or tablets, ensuring flexibility and accessibility.
  • Optimized for Mobile Devices: A mobile app allows investigators access to case information, subject photos, and first-party GPS software, enhancing on-the-go efficiency.

With CROSStrax and IRBsearch, you have an integrated, efficient, and user-friendly solution for all your investigative needs.

Contact Information

You can get in touch with the company via the following methods:

  • Address: 1709 Hermitage Boulevard, Suite 101, Tallahassee, FL 3230
  • Phone: 800-447-2112
  • Website
  • Email
  • Social Media: Twitter

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