List of the Best Mobile Phone Spy Software Apps

Mobile phone spy software
Learn about the best mobile phone spy software apps for monitoring cell phones

What is Mobile Phone Spy Software?

Mobile Phone Spy Software is a hybrid software and monitoring service used to track caller activity on mobile devices, tablets and computers. The software is designed to track devices owned by the user, such as for children and employees. If you want to learn how to spy on mobile phones, please read the following article.

How is Mobile Phone Spy Software Used?

Mobile Phone Spy Software is used to track and monitor activity such as incoming and outgoing phone calls, text messages, online activity, social media activity, GPS location and much more. The purpose of using mobile phone spy software varies depending on who you are monitoring. The software works in the background and essentially records everything that happens on the device. The best mobile phone spy software solutions will do the following:

Track incoming and outgoing phone calls, including the timestamp and duration.

Capture incoming and outgoing text messages and social media activity.

Record web browsing activity including the URL of all websites in the history.

Make copies of any pictures of videos sent or received. This helpful feature provides you with the proof you need to confront the individual regarding their activity on the electronic device.

Tracks the GPS location of the device. This allows parents or employers to know the exact location of the mobile device at all times.

Allow access to the address book and calendar. This feature allows concerned parents to know who their child is communicating with.

Provides the monitoring party with remote access to the data and information via an online control panel to review the activity

Installing the mobile phone spy software is accomplished covertly by sending a text message to the phone. Then, the person who wishes to monitor the device must get physical access to the phone. Once you have access to the phone, simply open the text message and click on the link. The software will download to the phone. Then, you install the app. Once the installation is complete, the software will load when the phone is turned on. The app will work in the background to monitor the activity performed on the device.

It is important to note that the best mobile phone spy software tools remain stealth (hidden) and don’t show up in the cell phones operating system task manager. This is an important feature, as you don’t want the person to know that they are being monitored. If they do realize they are being watched, they will either change their behavior or uninstall the cell phone monitoring software.

Who uses Mobile Phone Spy Software?

Mobile phone monitoring software is typically used by three groups of people on phones that they own:

Parents who wish to track the activity of their children. Children are starting to use cell phones and tablets at a much younger age. As a result, use of those devices come with certain inherent dangers. Examples include: texting while driving, online bullying, being lured into personal meetings by complete strangers and many more. Also, parents may simply want to know if their child is abusing their privileges by using the phone too often. This software can be used in a stealth manner, just in case you don’t want your child to know.

Spouses who wish to keep an eye on their partner. This is one of the most common reasons for using this type of stealth tracking method. Quite often, a cheating spouse will use their mobile device to communicate with their secret partner. They will make phone calls, exchange text messages, send and receive photos and even video chat (such as Skype). A suspicious spouse can install the cell phone tracking software to find out everything that is going on.

Employers who want to monitor their employees cell phone use while on the job. Employers often issue company cell phones to their employees. Often, employees use those devices for inappropriate, non-business purposes. We see many cases where employees download dirty pictures and videos, exchange lewd SMS text messages, visit gambling websites and much more. Installing mobile phone tracking software allows employers to monitor the device and see what is going on. As a result, they can take action when necessary. It is important to note that the employee should be made aware that they are being tracked.

These are the people who most commonly use the solutions. However, there are many other situations where the products may be useful.

The Best Mobile Phone Spy Software Solutions

Following is a brief overview of the best mobile phone spy software packages. Currently, we have reviews on Highster Mobile, FlexiSpy, Mobile Spy and mSpy. If you want to spy on a mobile phone, please read the information included below and visit the individual product website for more information.

Please note that these industry-leading products should not be used for illegal purposes. The user of these products takes full responsibility to obey all effective and relevant laws which may prohibit the usage of such a product. Be sure to check your state and local laws before purchasing mobile phone spy software and hardware.


mSpy is considered to be the most popular cell phone tracking application. This is due to its broad range of features for parental control. The software is available for monitoring both phones and computers. This is helpful, in case you want to monitor a child, teen or employee on their phone or computer.

View Call Logs – mSpy allows you to view a chronological list of incoming and outgoing calls. In addition, you can see the call duration and timestamps for each call. Protect you child by blocking specific numbers from reaching your child. If you’re concerned about your child communicating with the wrong people, this feature is extremely helpful.

Monitor Text Messages – With mSpy, you can remotely monitor all incoming and outgoing text messages. As a parent, knowing whom your child is texting with and what they are saying is critical. This feature even allows you to view deleted text messages. Plus, you can monitor photos and videos received (on Android only).

Also, if your child uses specialized messaging apps, you can track that too. mSpy allows you to capture messages that are sent and received on a number of popular apps. For example, capture messages on Facebook Messenger, iMessage, Line, Telegram, Tinder, Skype and WhatsApp.

Track Phones Current GPS Location – The GPS phone tracking feature allows you to see the phone’s current location on a map. You can even view the route history over a specific period of time. Additionally, the tracking application comes with an impressive Geofencing feature. This feature allows you to set safe geographic boundaries for your children. You can set up alerts and know whenever your child enters or exits the safe zone.

Control Apps and Programs – mSpy allows you to view a list of all of the apps installed on your child’s cell phone or table. Via your control panel, you can block apps that you don’t want your child to use.

Keylogger / Keylogging – This important feature records every keystroke on your child’s mobile device keyboard or keypad. This helps you know exactly what is going on. Prevent exposure to dangerous people, bullies and more.

mSpy Pricing Options

If you need to know how much mSpy costs, please visit their website for their latest pricing. Following are some general details of their pricing packages:

  • My Spy has a variety of pricing options based on various needs. The pricing for their basic phone monitoring solution starts at $29.99 per month. Their Premium package starts at $69.99. There is a discount for signing up for longer periods of time. So, the more months you sign up for, the cheaper it is per month.
  • Their no-jailbreak iPhone Monitoring package starts at $39.99 per month.
  • mSpy offers secure online payment options including: PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Direct Debit and Wire Transfer.

For more information, visit the mSpy website.

Highster Mobile

Highster Mobile is a mobile phone spy and tracking software that allows you to safely monitor your children and your employees. The cell phone monitoring software allows you to remotely access text messages, GPS location, call logs, social media messages and more.

As a parent, ensuring the safety of your children is one of your greatest concerns. These days, once children and even teens become active in the online world, they become potential targets of bullies, pedophiles, activist groups and even terrorists. This product allows you to covertly monitor their web browsing activity, SMS text messages and other communications. Knowing exactly what your children are doing online means you can intervene when they need help. Online bullying has become such a huge problem in this country because it largely takes place outside of the view of parents and teachers. This tool allows you to help prevent it from happening.

As a business owner, you may have the right to monitor employee activity on company-issued mobile devices. Companies often clearly state in their information security policy that employees should have no expectation of privacy when using company-issued electronics such as laptops, tablets and cell phones. Installing Highster Mobile will help you keep track of their activity when they are on the job.

Let’s face it, employees will often slack off and use their phones for inappropriate reasons, such as chatting with friends, surfing inappropriate websites, and sending personal emails. Find out what their up to with this easy to use product. Keep your employees on their toes and reduce unwanted, non-business activity.

How Highster Mobile Works

All you have to do is text or email a link to the target device. Then, download and install the app. Once you install the app, activate the app using the license that is provided at purchase. Activate the app and enter the phone number of the device you wish to monitor. Finally, login to your online account to view the info that is covertly uploaded by the device.

The software works on iPhones and iPads. Capture iMessages, text messages, calls, Facebook IM’s, photos, videos, GPS location and more. In addition, the program works with Android devices. On Androids, it captures texts, calls, GPS location, photos, videos, Facebook messages and much more from popular Android devices like; Samsung, Motorola, HTC, Google, LG and more.

Highster Mobile Pricing

  • Cell phone monitoring software for 1 Android device, or 1 iPhone iPad device is $69.99.
  • There are no monthly charges
  • Lifetime upgrades are free
  • Product has a 30-day money back guarantee
  • More than 500,000 downloads by more than 300,000 customers

Highster Mobile is one of the best mobile phone spy products due to its broad set of features and functionality and value for the money. In addition, we give their product a high rating for ease-of-use and technical support. If you need to learn more about the product, visit the Highster Mobile website or click on the button below to go to the secure online order form.

After you buy Highster Mobile you will receive your Confirmation email which contains your download link, username, password and license key. It includes easy-to-follow instructions complete with full illustrations clearly explaining how to install the app. If you run into any trouble you can contact our Support Department for help and they will be happy to assist you.

About the Company: The Highster Mobile product is developed by ILF Mobile Apps Corp. The company is located at 80 Orville Drive, Bohemia New York, 11716. For more information on the company, please visit their primary website at If you have questions, please contact the company directly at Phone: 1(866) 611-9506.

Important Product Disclaimer: Device requirements: Physical access to the target phone for approximately 2-3 minutes is required except for Non-Jailbreak version. Apple ID and password is necessary for Non-Jailbreak version. It is the responsibility of the end user to comply with all federal and state laws. Cell Phone Spy software will allow you to monitor mobile phones as a tool NOT for illegal purposes. Use at your discretion.


FlexiSpy is powerful monitoring software for computers, mobile phones and tablets. The software can be used to monitor user behavior on Android, iPhone, iPad, PC and Mac devices. FlexiSpy allows you to silently monitor communications and user behavior. Use it to covertly keep an eye on your children, monitor your employees, track your spouse and more.

FlexiSpy Features

Notably, FlexiSpy has a wide array of more than 150 features and comes with a free mobile app. Following are some of the most useful features:

  • Read SMS text messages
  • Monitor activity on BBM, FaceBook, Line Skype, Tinder, Viber, WeChat, and WhatsApp, Yahoo Messenger and more
  • Unique ability to listen to and record live phone call conversations
  • Use GPS tracking technology to track the exact location of the phone, tablet or computer
  • Record the keystroke history of specific applications
  • Receive instant alerts about specific contact calls and SIM card changes
  • Remote control features allow you to take a picture using the camera, restart the device and check battery status. In addition, you can remotely activate the target cell phone microphone and record what is going on in the environment.

FlexiSpy Cost and Pricing Options

FlexiSpy has a straightforward and easy-to-understand pricing menu. They have two solutions: Premium and Extreme.

  • Their Premium pricing package starts at $68 per month. The price per month drops considerably if you signup for longer periods of time. Currently, three months is $99 ($33 per month) and 12 months is $149 (just $12.40 per month).
  • Their Extreme pricing option adds additional tools and capabilities, including monitoring and recording audio streams. The Extreme pricing stars at $199 for three months and $349 for 12 months.

FlexiSpy accepts a variety of payment methods, including: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Wire Transfer and even Bitcoin.

If you need to track and/or monitor your children or employees, FlexiSpy is one of the most powerful solutions on the market today. The broad range of helpful features and ease of use make it a great value for the money.

Visit the FlexiSpy website to learn more.

Mobile Spy

Mobile Spy is another cell phone monitoring software solution that gives you the ability to monitor phone activities. Learn the TRUTH about what happens on smartphones that you own. Using this mobile spy program, your activity logs are safely stored in your private account which is accessible from any web browser using a username and password you create.

The cell phone monitoring activities recorded are described below. All activities include a date/time stamp and are searchable by phone number. All logs can be easily exported to CSV for importing to a database. Login any time from any location to view results without needing access to the phone.

  • Logs Calls – Each incoming and outgoing cell phone call number is logged along with duration of the call and time stamp.
  • Logs SMS (Text Messages) – Every text message is logged, even if the cellular phone’s logs are deleted. Includes full text of text messages.
  • Web Site URLs Log – Each address entered into Internet Explorer Mobile is logged, so you can track web browsing activity. This is a Windows Mobile feature only.
  • Log Summary – A summary of all cell phone activities can be shown along with separate viewers for each type.
  • Record Surroundings: Get instant audio clips of the phone’s surroundings on-demand.
  • Stealth Camera: An industry first. Instantly snap a photo with the phone’s camera.
  • Alerts – Get alerts for a variety of reasons. Get an alert if the device travels outside a specified area. Also, get an alert if profanity is encountered within a message or email, if any keyword you choose is encountered in activities, if any specified contact communicates with the device. Or, if the wrong password is entered on device lock screen.
  • Download instantly after ordering. Request new software downloads anytime.
  • Step-by-Step Instructions guide you through installing the software
  • Online Tech Support – Unlimited 24/7 online support

Visit the Mobile Spy website to learn more.

Other Things to Consider Before Making a Decision

In addition to the above-mentioned details, consider the following before making a purchase:

Is the price reasonable? Truly, it is difficult to put a price on the safety of your children. However, before buying any cell phone spy equipment, consider whether the price of the product is worthwhile. Even the best solutions are available for under $100. Don’t overpay for the product. In addition, pay attention to add-on’s such as “premium” versions and special support plans. Premium versions usually provide access to additional features and functionality, so they aren’t necessarily a bad thing. Just be aware of what you’re buying.

Does the vendor offer technical support? If so, do they offer technical support via their website, email, live chat and phone? Do the offer support for phone, PC and tablet? The best vendors have a variety of technical support options available to meet your needs. If you find it difficult to find the vendor’s contact information, they probably don’t have good technical support.

Is the product easy to use? The spy equipment for cell phones should be easy to use without requiring any technical skills. Honestly, if you can’t figure it out, it’s not worth the money. Make sure you understand how to put spyware on a phone. It is useless if you don’t know how to install it. All of the vendors listed above have installation instructions, online help and technical support.

What do the online reviews say? Check the company website, social media and review sites to read reviews about the company and its products. As a matter of fact, you should look for both positive and negative reviews. If you find only positive, raving reviews, they may not be trustworthy. The best companies will share honest reviews from real users.

What are the legal issues? It is your responsibility to research and understand the legal issues surrounding the use of this software. Mobile phone spying may be illegal in your state. Do your research to make sure you understand how to use it, who you can monitor, etc.

Free Monitoring and Tracking Software Apps

Note: Many people search for a free version of mobile phone spy software or apps that would allow them to spy on cell phones or a PC for free. Honestly, there are a number of apps that are available for download. However, these apps are not as powerful as those described above. You are unlikely to find free mobile phone spy software apps as powerful as these.

More Information

In some cases, private investigators use both software and hardware gadgets to spy on cell phones and conduct cell phone and PC forensic investigations. In addition, hardware, gear and gadgets such as SIM card readers allow you to retrieve much of the same data as the software options, but do require physical access to the phone, or at least the SIM card.

If you have any questions about mobile phone spy software, please post a comment below. Also, be sure to check out our other Private Detective Software and Spy Gear.


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