Hidden Cameras and Covert Spy Surveillance Cams for Private Eyes

Hidden camera

A hidden camera is a still or video camera used to capture video footage of people without their knowledge or consent. The camera is considered to be “hidden” because it is either not visible to the subject being filmed, or it is disguised as another object. Hidden cameras have become popular for conducting household surveillance. Hidden cameras can be built into common household objects such as smoke detectors, clock radios, motion detectors, ball caps, plants, and cell phones. Hidden cameras may also be used commercially or industrially as security cameras to catch thieves and even dishonest employees.

Wired or Wireless?

A hidden camera can be wired or wireless. A wired hidden camera will be connected to an electrical outlet and a television, Video Cassette Recorder (VCR), or Digital Video Recorder (DVR). A wireless hidden camera can be used to transmit a video signal to a receiver within a small radius (up to a few hundred feet).

Some hidden camera footage has led to lawsuits or being denied to air by the people who were trapped in set-ups that they found unpleasant. Hulk Hogan was recently involved in a lawsuit with Gawker, who released hidden video footage of the star having sex.

Internet Ready iSpy Hidden Camera Clock

Record video footage and play it back in real-time from the internet with a high resolution color video camera. This cam allows you to capture surveillance footage of your personal space. It is powered by battery and is wireless for portable use. It is easy to setup and looks just like a regular clock.

The IP iSpy Hidden Camera Clock is a top-of-the-line clock radio that doubles as one of the best spy gear covert cameras on the market. It also streams all surveillance footage directly to the Internet. This is the first of its kind to feature remote viewing capability from a standard looking alarm clock. The WI-FI alarm clock hidden camera uses motion activation to record video the minute motion is detected, allowing the viewer to see all the recorded video surveillance without having to sift through hours of footage.

Where to Buy Equipment

Brickhouse Security has an extensive selection of covert hidden cameras, nanny cams, and video surveillance equipment for private investigators, law enforcement, and everyday people that are interested in monitoring the activity of another person. Buy Private Investigator Spy Gear at Brickhouse Security.

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