Fraud, Scams and Schemes

This category has articles related to common fraud scams and schemes. Learn how con artists and scammers work to manipulate unsuspecting people into divulging their personal information and giving up their money.

In this section, you’ll find articles on identity theft, dating scams, insurance fraud, phishing, lottery schemes and more. In addition, we provide helpful advice on how to keep your personal information and your money safe. Also, we cover how private investigators go about investigating fraudulent activity and how to report crimes to the proper authorities.

fraud investigations

Fraud Investigations: Investigating Scams, Schemes, and Deception

In 2020, consumers lost an estimated $5.8 billion to online fraud, according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). This article provides an overview of fraud investigations related to various frauds, scams, and schemes used...
How to report online fraud

How to Report Online Fraud

Were you ripped off online? If you've been ripped off on the web, this article explains how to report online fraud to the proper authorities. It includes a step-by-step method to force dishonest individuals or...
Insurance fraud investigation

Insurance Fraud Investigations

Overview of Insurance Fraud and Helpful Resources for Investigations The article provides an overview of insurance fraud investigation resources. Insurance fraud is any act committed with the intent to fraudulently obtain payment from an insurer, or...
Abt SRBI Illegal Harassment Phone Calls

Are You Being Harassed by Phone Calls from ABT SRBI? Learn How to Make...

Harassing Phone Calls from ABT SRBI Many people receive many complaints from frustrated users who receive harassing and abusive phone calls from phone number 239-415-4400, which belongs to a telemarketing research company named Abt SRBI....
Online dating catfish investigations

Catfish Investigations for Online Dating Scams

This article provides an overview of catfish investigations associated with online dating fraud, scams, and schemes. In addition, it provides advice on how to determine if you've been catfished, how to go about tracking...
telephone scams

Beware of Telephone Switching Scams

Telephone scams are illegal, deceptive, and extremely costly. Getting “slammed” (having your long-distance telephone carrier switched without our permission) is becoming an increasingly common occurrence. Three out of every five people surveyed by the...
Counterfeit Money, Products and Services

Counterfeit Products in Canada

Big Business: Counterfeit Products in Canada The internet is an attractive medium for counterfeit products. There, criminals can virtually remain anonymous, while they run a very profitable business online. In Canada, RCMP estimated in their 2005 Economic Crime Report,...
Identity Theft Smishing

Phishing and Spoofing Identity Theft Schemes

Overview Half of all internet users get at least one phishing email per day. For those of us who are active with email and social media, that number goes up considerably. Phishing emails are designed to...