Are You Being Harassed by Phone Calls from ABT SRBI? Learn How to Make Them Stop

Abt SRBI Illegal Harassment Phone Calls
If you're getting harassing phone calls from a company called Abt SRBI, read how to deal with them.

Harassing Phone Calls from ABT SRBI

Many people receive many complaints from frustrated users who receive harassing and abusive phone calls from phone number 239-415-4400, which belongs to a telemarketing research company named Abt SRBI.  Some people have been the victim of Abt SRBI Harassment via multiple, harassing phone calls from the company each night, even into 2019.

ABT SRBI is a subsidiary of ABT Associates and they claim to be a “full-service global research organization, with a track record of quality.” Online, there are thousands of complaints and negative reports from frustrated, annoyed, and angry individuals who have received calls from this company, many from the phone number 239-415-4400. Apparently, the telemarketing company has a long history of bending and even breaking the law.

How The Company Makes Harassing Phone Calls

The company ABT SRBI, a subsidiary of ABT Associates, makes calls around the clock, ignoring do not call lists such as the National Do Not Call Registry.  If you’re not signed up for the Do Not Call Registry, we highly recommended registering every phone number you own, including cell phone numbers and business lines.  Your registration will never expire, despite what some fraudulent telemarketers and scammers might say.

The Abt SRBI Harassment call usually comes at the same time each night and is usually from the phone number 239-415-4400. However, they may try to catch you at other times of the day as well. When the call is answered, the representative says something like:

  • We’re doing a survey about the military. Has anyone in your household been deployed to IRAQ? Afghanistan?
  • We’re doing a survey on behalf of the IRS. Can we ask you some questions?
  • We are following up on a letter we sent you.
  • We are calling on behalf of the health department, would you be interested in completing a short survey?

If you ask the SRBI representative to remove you from their calling list, they will hang up immediately. If you try to call the number on your caller ID, you will receive a busy signal. Regardless of the deceptive statements on their website, this does not represent “quality research” and does not benefit society in any way.

How to Handle Abt SRBI Harassment

The first option for dealing with any annoying caller is simply to hang up on them. Then, block the call. However, this won’t stop them from calling again and again whenever they want to bother you. If you truly want the calls to stop, then it is best to build a case against them.

Each time you receive a call, make a note of the following information:

  • Caller ID Name, usually shown as “Abt SRBI”, although they may have changed the identifier to get around complaints from callers
  • Phone Number, usually 239-415-4400
  • The date of the call
  • The Time the call and the approximate duration (length)
  • Name of the caller, if you can get it (individual callers can be penalized by law enforcement)
  • Take note of everything they say, including the questions they ask
  • Make a record of any harassing activity

How to File a Complaint Against Abt SRBI and the Phone Number 239-415-4400

  • Visit the Do Not Call Registry at
  • Click on the button labeled “File a Complaint” on the left side
  • Read the information and click on “Continue”
  • Enter the required information about the harassing telemarketing calls from SRBI, the number they called, the number they called from
  • Be sure to leave an explanation of what happens.  Provide details about the call, how rude they were (did they hang up on you), did they ask questions that could lead to identity theft? and note how often they call

Please note that complaints go into a secure online database and made available to civil and criminal law enforcement agencies. While the FTC does not resolve individual consumer problems, your complaint will help the agency investigate the company, and could lead to law enforcement action.  The more complaints people file against this company, the more likely it is that law enforcement will investigate.

If you need information about the company to include in your official consumer complaint about Abt SRBI Harassment, you can find the SRBI website at

File a Complaint with Other Organizations

If you’re one of the thousands of people who receive calls from 239-415-4400 and just want ABT Associates to stop calling and pestering you, hit them where it hurts and get them in trouble with governing agencies.  There is no reason a legitimate research company should be tormenting people in the name of “research”. In addition to filing a complaint with the Do Not Call registry, file a harassment complaint with the following agencies and councils:

And don’t forget to report it to your local eyewitness news channel’s investigative team. They are usually very good at investigating such consumer harassment complaints.

Be sure to reference their parent company ABT Associates and their subsidiary ABT SRBI in your complaint.

If you’d like to see what others are saying about them, just do a Google search of the company name along with the word harassment or harassing. You’ll quickly find evidence of similar headaches experienced by many other people.

Also, with widely available spoofing and robocall technology, it is doubtful this company will continue to use the same phone number published in this article. More than likely they continue to operate using numerous other numbers.

If you’ve been a victim of Abt SRBI Harassment and their techniques, post a comment below to help warn others about their business practices. On a regular basis, we receive abusive comments and emails from employees who claim to work at the company!

Hopefully, they will learn from their mistakes and at some point, they will start operating within the law and as a reputable business.

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Min Calladonus is a blogger, author and consumer advocate. Min writes consumer help articles, opinion pieces and editorials for blogs across the web.


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