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The Private Investigator and Police Officer Resources category contains an extensive collection of research tools, how-to articles and reference information. The content is geared specifically toward those who work in the investigation industry. Whether you’re a police detective, a private investigator, or crime scene investigator, you’ll find something of interest.

In this section, we provide an overview of the online services and databases that investigators use to uncover data and information about people. The information is used to compile background checks and employment verification.

Online dating catfish investigations

Catfish Investigations for Online Dating Scams

This article provides an overview of catfish investigations associated with online dating fraud, scams and schemes. In addition, it provides advice on how to determine if you've been catfished, how to go...
BeenVerified People Search

People Search with BeenVerified Online Public Records

This article provides a review of BeenVerified, the people search and public records research service. In this review, I'll provide a high-level overview of the company, the features and benefits of their...
Asset Investigation

Asset Investigations

The main purpose of an asset investigation is to identify the tangible and intangible assets owned by an individual or business. Asset investigations are necessary in a variety of situations, such as...

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open source intelligence tools

Open Source Intelligence Tools

What is Open Source Intelligence? Open Source Intelligence, often abbreviated as OSINT, is data and information that is collected legally from open and publicly available resources. Obtaining the information...
computer forensics

Computer Forensics

What is Computer Forensics? Computer forensics is a branch of digital forensic science that combines the elements of law and computer science. It involves collecting and analyzing data and information...
police training

Police Training

This article provides an overview of police training an provides a list of companies that provide training to the law enforcement industry. Whether you're interested in becoming a police officer, or you...
Background Check

Background Check Databases and Services for Investigators

This article provides an overview of background checks and investigations and the companies that provide such services. A background check is a detailed investigation into an individual's personal data, information and history...
United States Military

The United States Military: An Overview

On occasion, private investigators may land cases that involve brushing up against one or more of the branches of the United States Military. For example, a private investigator might be hired to...
Mobile Forensics Software and Devices

Mobile Forensics Solutions Pull Data and Information from Cell Phones

This article provides an overview of mobile forensics, and covers some of the hardware devices and software tools that law enforcement, government agencies and private investigators use for analyzing cell phones and tablets. In...