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Contact Information:

How to Get In Touch with Us

If you have any questions, would like to share your content, or would like to request link exchange, please contact us at [email protected] Please note that due to the large volume of email we receive, it may take a few days for us to respond.

Press Releases and Articles

While we generate the majority of our own content, we’re also happy to share information and articles that you create. Following are some basic guidelines:

  • If you have a press release related to private investigation, please send a copy to the above email address and let us know when it should be posted.
  • Have a book or ebook that is relevant to private investigators? Send us a copy. We’ll read your book, and post a full review on our website with a link to your book website, Amazon sales page, etc.  Contact us at [email protected] to get our mailing address.
  • Have a software program or online service designed for private investigators? Send us a copy or provide us with access to your online tool. We’ll give your system or software tool a try, then we’ll post a full review with a link to your sales page.

Private Investigator Directory

  • If you recently signed up for our P.I. Directory, remember, it takes 48 hours for your listing to be added.
  • If you recently received a $9.95 charge on your credit card, or to your PayPal account, the charge is for renewal of your subscription to our P.I. Directory.

Questions About Hiring Us

We are an information provider, not an investigation agency. We are not available to provide private investigation services. Please visit our Private Investigator Directory to find a provider in your area.

General Questions

  • If you have a question about private investigations, or have an interest in becoming a private investigator, please see our Private Investigation Licensing page. Also, feel free to post a comment on any page of our website. We do our best to respond to all requests.


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  1. Alex Stoltidis from Inspektia
    Alex Stoltidis from Inspektia 14 February, 2017, 19:35

    Dear sirs

    I made a payment the 8th of February via paypal but you did not add my private detective agency in to your directory.(Name of the agency:Inspektia, country: Sweden)
    How many days you need for this? Why I did not receive any email about the conformation? I send you also an email and you did not answer me.

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    • admin
      admin Author 17 February, 2017, 01:26

      We apologize. We previously did not have any listings in Sweden, so we had to create a new page at We created the page and your listing was live on February 10, but we neglected to add a link to the new Sweden page on our list of states and countries. We’ve added the link to the Sweden page and also added an announcement about the listing on our Twitter and Facebook page. Please let us know if you have any questions.

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  2. Vicky
    Vicky 3 February, 2017, 12:35

    I have just joined and I understand it can take upto 48 hours for my details to be listed but will I be given log in details as I need to amend some of my details and services ? Thanks in advance

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    • admin
      admin Author 8 February, 2017, 03:39

      You can just post a comment on our contact page with the updates you’d like to make, We’ll make the updates and publish right away.

      We’re working on a new directory that will allow you to update your own listing at any time. Should be available in about 3 months.

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  3. tc
    tc 7 November, 2016, 23:55

    Hi I registered for the pi directory cheffro Investigations when will it be active.?

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  4. irfan
    irfan 29 October, 2016, 06:34

    hi, i have registered with name of Kiaz Corporate Risk Management Consultants Pvt.Ltd for Pakistan and payment have been completed already.Kindly revert to me on pakistan at kcrmgroup dot com

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  5. eVestigator
    eVestigator 24 October, 2016, 02:17

    Hi, yesterday I paid and filled out the form to be listed on the Private Investigator listings for Australia. My name is Simon Smith and my website is I cannot seem to find it.

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  6. Oberdan
    Oberdan 1 September, 2016, 16:06

    On August 30th 2016 I paid $ 19.95 for being included in listing Einvestigator website, but then I did not receive no link to enter all of my personal data and my company.

    Could you help me please

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  7. Adam
    Adam 15 August, 2016, 16:42

    Hi Michael,

    I left a message on 8/9 and another today regarding our concerns about the comment on the below page:

    I was hoping we could connect over the phone. I’m in our Los Angeles office and can be reached at (310) 231-4353.

    Adam Camras

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    • admin
      admin Author 16 August, 2016, 01:03

      Adam – Thanks for the call/comment. We removed the comment from the post.

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  8. Smithagencypi
    Smithagencypi 7 July, 2016, 22:53


    I recently purchased a directory for my business and I do not see it on your website. Can someone please email me.

    Thank you

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  9. Rah
    Rah 26 May, 2016, 14:37

    I would like to invetigate about my husband, he is British and lives in Paris with his girlfriend, I am in the process of a divorce and I can not prove his adultery.

    Is it possible? also I would like to know your hourly fees and how many hours approx will take.

    Thank you

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  10. Ameen
    Ameen 14 October, 2015, 17:21

    Hi Lou,

    actually there is. I work for a security company and our engineers managed to develop a software for encrypted calls. This is how it works: You can call any number (national or international) just using a wifi connection or mobile data 3G and 4G. The phone call you make will be totally anonymous and you’ll pay the same amount, depending on your subscription (monthly or annual). Nobody will be able to trace back to you or listen to the conversation you’re having, given that it will totally be encrypted thanks to AES and RSA algorithms.
    Plus, there are other cool features such as:
    1) to call anyone with a fake international phone number;
    2) to call anyone with someone else’s phone number. For instance, you could call a friend using your dad’s phone number, even if you’ll be using your very own phone.
    3) no need for a sim card. There’s no IMEI number either. It works anywhere there’s Internet connection.
    And many more features.
    Write me an email in case you’re interested. Would be great if you could be a reseller of our encrypted software in The Netherlands. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


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  11. bubu
    bubu 4 October, 2015, 16:10

    Stolen goods in indonesia with resaler .possible to see what happen
    contactmyto my address.just control the name of the society and his owner? payment done;about a few thousand euro paid.
    How much for this caind of information.

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  12. Alex
    Alex 25 July, 2015, 18:21


    I need help to search one people in Lviv, but now he is hiding? we know his full name, his mobile number, his living address and his photo, but he is hiding now.

    If this case possible to you?

    we can offer reward after got the information which we need.

    B r


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  13. david Zhou
    david Zhou 20 May, 2015, 01:37

    I need your service to do a thorough assets search of two persons. I have their Drive license numbers, Alien #, SS#, PRC Passport #. Previous address and their business address. I need to get the following:
    1. All the bank accounts under their names with all the banks within 15 miles around city Irvine and Laguna Hills; CA. that can possibly hide cash or important docs;
    2.Any safe rental under their names with all the banks or other private sefe rental business within 15 miles around city Irvine and Laguna Hills; CA. that can possibly hide cash or important docs;
    3. All the money wiring records from Any other financial institutions can wire money to China like West Union; moneygram etc. who have branches locations business within 15 miles around city Irvine and Laguna Hills; CA. ( We have court order that our lawyer can provide the assistance by sending the sephina to them to order and compel them to produce the records.
    4. I may later need some video and photos of how our daughter’s daily life from 8:00 to 6;00 pm at least for two days;
    Please kindly provide me at a rough quotation by breaking down each service via email to: [email protected] or call 949 537 1601 to set up an initial free consulting meeting if you feel you can provide any one of the above services.
    Thank you for your immediate attentions.
    David Zhou

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  14. Lou83
    Lou83 8 May, 2015, 13:41

    Dear reader,

    I am looking for software to use in online investigations for our customers. Is there a tool that you have and we can use for the European market?

    I am very interested in a package deal and maybe (if you like the idea) become reseller in Europe. We see that this market is booming in Europe, especially in the UK, Netherlands and Germany. I hope to hear from you soon to see if we can help each other to a successfull business venture in Europe.

    Regards, Louis Corbeau

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