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Financial Investigations and Research

This category includes financial research and investigation resources, information and websites for private investigators. These tools are useful for anyone who conduct asset investigations, asset searches, judgment recovery, forensic accounting, audits and more.


Filing Bankruptcy

This article provides an overview of the different types of bankruptcy. In addition, it covers a list of resources to help you learn how to go about filing for bankruptcy. Individuals and businesses often become...

List of Cryptocurrencies, Cryptos, and Tokens

This article provides a list of cryptocurrencies, cryptos, and tokens and a description of each one. In addition, I'll provide my recommendation for the top ten best cryptos to invest in during the coming...
judgment recovery

Judgment Recovery

How Judgment Recovery Works This article explains judgments and the process of judgment recovery and provides a few suggestions for how to go about collecting. Judgments are awarded by the court system as a result of...
Asset Investigation

Asset Investigations for Litigation and Recovery

The main purpose of an asset investigation is to identify the tangible and intangible assets owned by an individual or business. Asset investigations are necessary in a variety of situations, such as when trying...
Bank Routing Numbers

ABA Bank Routing Transit Numbers

An Overview of ABA Routing Transit Numbers A bank routing number, also known as a Routing Transit Number (RTN) or an ABA Routing Number, is a unique nine-digit number that is assigned to each banking...
Debt collection agency and debt collectors

Collection Agency Resources

What is a Collection Agency? A collection agency is a business that pursues payments on debts owed by individuals or businesses. Most agencies operate as agents of creditors and collect debts for a fee or percentage...
Banking Regulations

List of Banking Regulations

What are Banking Regulations? Banking regulations are a form of government regulation that subjects banks to certain requirements, restrictions, and guidelines. In general, banking regulations seek to uphold the soundness and integrity of the financial...
Banking and Financial Products and Services

Banking and Financial Products and Services

For private investigators who specialize in financial investigations, it is important to have a solid understanding of banking and financial products and services. Following is an explanation of various banking and financial products: List of...
List of Stock Markets Research Tools

List of Stock Markets Research Tools

Following is a List of Stock Markets Research Tools including a list of stock markets and exchanges. Private investigators who conduct financial investigations should be familiar with these resources. What is the stock market? A...
List of Online Investment Research Tools

List of Online Investing Research Tools

This article provides an overview of the top financial services companies and also provides a list of online investment research tools. This list is helpful for anyone who is searching for an investment company....