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Private investigator spy gear and equipment, online search tools and forensic software, investigation books, police crime TV dramas on DVD and more. Get the equipment and tools you need to conduct surveillance, perform crime scene investigations, manage client cases, and run background investigation reports for your clients.

Case management software

Encase Forensic Investigation Software for Private Investigators

A Comprehensive Forensic Investigation and Analysis Solution for Managing Cases More Efficiently Encase Forensic Software is a case management software tool developed and distributed by the...
Nest Security Camera

Nest Cam: A Review of the Best Selling Home Security Camera

Overview Of the Nest Cam Security Camera The Nest Cam security camera is currently the most popular remote home monitoring system with easy do it...
Aerial surveillance drone

How to Register a Drone with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

With the rapid growth in both personal and commercial use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), more commonly known as drones, the Federal Aviation Administration...
SimpliSafe Wireless home security system

SimpliSafe – A Review of the Wireless Home Security System

What is SimpliSafe? SimpliSafe is a wireless security system that is exceptionally simple to install and easy to use and monitor. SimpliSafe protects your home...
Spokeo people search

Spokeo, The Public Records Search Engine for Finding People, Data and Information

What is Spokeo? Spokeo, the People Search Engine, is a very useful search engine that aggregates information about people from different public records sources and then compiles...
Facebook's Safety Check

Facebook’s Safety Check In Feature: Connect With Family and Friends During a Disaster

Whether you're an everyday Facebook social networking fan or not, you will definitely appreciate Facebook's Safety Check feature, especially if you or a loved...
CallerSmart App

CallerSmart App – Identify and Block Unwanted Calls and Text Messages

Cell phones and mobile devices are some of the most common possessions in the world. In a very short time, mobile devices have become an...
Google Voice app

Private Detective App Review: How to Use the Google Voice Search Feature

Another useful and handy app that busy private detectives will benefit from is the Google Voice Search App. As the name suggests, this app...
Google Translate

Private Investigator App Review: How to Use Google Translate

Translate Languages With an Easy to Use Software App In the world of private investigations, mobile apps have the potential to make life much easier...
Computer crime

Privacy Agent and Pop-Up Blocker Software to Protect Your Online Identity

Privacy Agent Software for Protecting Your Computer Computer History Cleaning and File Deletion Software Secure Military Strength Internet History Cleaning and File Deletion Worried about others seeing...
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