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Evidence collection

Evidence Collection Books

This article provides a brief overview of evidence and the process of evidence collection. In addition, it includes a list of evidence collection books to help you learn more on the subject.
Financial Investigation Books

Financial Investigation Books

This article provides an overview of financial crimes and the process of financial investigation. Also, you'll find a list of recommended financial investigation books to help you learn more about the subject.
Interviewing Witnesses

Interviewing Witnesses for Investigation Cases

One of the many talents of a private investigator is interviewing witnesses and suspects to gather facts and information for a case. A skilled private investigator knows the right questions to ask...
List of Tom Clancy Books

List of the Best Tom Clancy Books

Tom Clancy is a best-selling American novelist who is well-known for writing thrilling espionage, spy and military science novels. This article provides a list of the best Tom Clancy books. In addition,...
Private Investigator Software

Private Investigator Software

Learn how to use Private Investigator Software and Online Services Technology plays a key role in any investigation business. Detectives use a combination of private investigator software such as...
GPS Tracking Devices for Monitoring a Person's Location and Movement

GPS Tracking Devices

What is GPS? GPS is an acronym for Global Positioning System, which is a system of satellites and receiving devices used to compute positions on the Earth. Three people...
Forensic Science Books

Forensic Science Books for Investigators

This article provides an overview of forensic science and provides a list of recommended forensic science books to help you learn more on the subject. Forensic science (often shortened...
How to disappear

How to Disappear, Drop Off The Grid and Never be Found

Learn How to Disappear Do you want or need to disappear completely and never be found? Do you want to leave your current life behind and completely erase your...
Police books

Police Books

This article provides an overview of various police books and law enforcement guides that are available through Amazon.com. Many professional investigators have prior experience in law enforcement. Many worked...
Cops TV Series

Cops TV Series

An Overview of the Cops TV Series The Cops TV series follows police officers, constables, and sheriff's deputies during patrols and other police activities. It is one of the...