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TV Crime Shows on DVD

The latest private detective TV shows and police crime dramas on DVD and video. Check out such classics as Barney Miller, Magnum P.I. The Rockford Files and Hawaii 5.0 with season episodes pulled right from today’s headlines.

Get inspired by watching your favorite investigation TV series.

Columbo TV Series

Columbo TV Series

Columbo is an American crime fiction TV series, starring actor Peter Falk as Lieutenant Columbo, a homicide detective with the Los Angeles Police Department. The Columbo TV series helped make a different type of detective...

List of the 50 Best Crime TV Series and Detective Shows

This article provides a list of the best crime TV series and detective shows. Many people develop their original interest in becoming a private detective, police officer or forensic specialist from watching...
24 TV Series

“24” TV Series

Overview of the 24 TV Series This is they type of TV show that most private detectives love. The 24 TV Series is an American serial action and police drama television...
Barney Miller TV Series

Barney Miller TV Series Season Episodes on DVD

This article provides an overview of the Barney Miller TV series. It includes information on the series episodes, the cast, reviews and ratings. Barney Miller TV Series Overview
Bones TV Series

Bones TV Series Overview: The Cast, Episodes, Reviews and Ratings

Bones is an American drama television series that premiered on the Fox Television Network on September 13, 2005. The Bones TV series is centered around crime scene forensics and police criminal procedures. Each season episode...
Boston Legal TV Series

Boston Legal TV Series

Boston Legal TV Series Overview The Boston Legal TV series is an American legal drama-comedy show that was created by David E. Kelley, who also created Alley McBeal, The...
Cops TV Series

Cops TV Series

Watch the hit Cops TV Series that follows police officers as the patrol the streets, track down criminals and make arrests. The Cops TV series follows police officers, constables, and sheriff's deputies during patrols and...
CSI Miami TV Series

CSI Miami TV Series

Overview of the CSI Miami TV Series The CSI Miami TV Series (also known as Crime Scene Investigation: Miami) is an American police procedural television show, which premiered on...
Dog the bounty hunter

Dog the Bounty Hunter TV Series: Season Episodes on DVD

An Overview of the Dog the Bounty Hunter TV Show Dog the Bounty Hunter is a reality television show that runs on the A&E network. The popular TV show chronicles the activities and operations of...
Hawaii Five-O TV Series

Hawaii Five-O TV Series Episodes

Hawaii Five-O (Hawaii 5-0) is an American television series that starred actor Jack Lord as a police detective who worked for a fictional Hawaii state police department. The Hawaii Five-O TV Series ran on...