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Hawaii Five-O (Hawaii 5-0) is an American television series that starred actor Jack Lord as a police detective who worked for a fictional Hawaii state police department. The Hawaii Five-O TV Series ran on the CBS television network for a total of 12 seasons, from 1968 to 1980. The last season was repackaged into syndication and ran under the title McGarrett.

Currently, the program is broadcast in syndication throughout the world and is available via on-demand streaming media through CBS Interactive. The series is created by Leonard Freeman, Hawaii Five-O was shot on location in Honolulu, Hawaii, and throughout the island of Oahu, with occasional filming in other locations such as Los Angeles, Singapore, and Hong Kong as well as other Hawaiian islands.

List of Hawaii Five-O TV Series Cast and Characters

The Hawaii Five-O TV show centers on a fictional state police force (named in honor of Hawaii’s status as the 50th State) led by former Navy officer Steve McGarrett (played by actor Jack Lord), who was appointed by Governor Paul Jameson (Richard Denning). McGarrett was assisted regularly by State Police officers — a young officer, Danny Williams (played by Tim O’Kelley in the show’s pilot, but replaced in the regular series by James MacArthur), Chin Ho Kelly (Kam Fong), and Kono Kalakaua (Zulu). Later, Honolulu Police Department Officer Duke Lukela (Herman Wedemeyer) joined the team as a regular, as did Ben Kokua (Al Harrington) who replaced Kono. Occasionally, they were assisted by other officers on an “as-needed” basis.

During the course of the Hawaii 50 TV show, the team was also assisted regularly by medical examiner Doc Bergman (Al Eben), forensic specialist Che Fong (Harry Endo), and a secretary. The first secretary was May (Maggi Parker), then Jenny (Peggy Ryan), and later Luana (Laura Sode-Matteson).

McGarrett on the scene. Photo courtesy of CBS.

Most episodes of Hawaii Five-O ended with the arrest of criminals and with McGarrett’s catchphrase to Williams, “Book ’em, Danno!”, with the criminal offense occasionally added after this phrase, such as “Murder one!”.

Hawaii Five-O TV Series Season Episodes on DVD

The show ran for a total of twelve seasons, all of which are available on DVD and video from Amazon.com.

Season 1

The first season had a total of 24 episodes.

  • E1 – Cocoon
  • E2 – Full Fathom Five
  • E3 – Strangers in Our Own Land
  • E4 – Tiger by the Tail
  • E5 – Samurai
  • E6 – “And They Painted Daisies on His Coffin”
  • E7 – Twenty-Four Karat Kill
  • E8 – The Ways of Love
  • E9 – No Blue Skies
  • E10 – By the Numbers
  • E11 – Yesterday Died and Tomorrow Won’t Be Born
  • E12 – Deathwatch
  • E13 – Pray Love Remember, Pray Love Remember
  • E14 – King of the Hill
  • E15 – Up Tight
  • E16 – Face the Dragon
  • E17 – The Box
  • E18 – One for the Money
  • E19 – Along Came Joey
  • E20 – Once Upon a Time: Part 1
  • E21 – Once Upon a Time: Part 2
  • E22 – Not that Much Different
  • E23 – Six Kilos
  • E24 – The Big Kahuna

The Complete First Season on DVD – Features all episodes from season 1 on a seven-disc set. Includes the two-hour pilot episode. Includes a bonus feature retrospective on the show.

Season 2

  • The Second Season on DVD  (1968) – Contains 24 episodes on a five-disc box set. Includes previous-week promos for each episode, but no other bonus features.
  • The Third Season on DVD  (1968) – Includes 24 episodes from season 3 on a six-disc box set. Bonus features include the previous week promos for each episode.
  • The Fourth Season – Features 24 digitally remastered episodes from season 4.
  • The Fifth Season features 24 episodes
  • The Sixth Season features 24 episodes
  • The Seventh Season features 24 episodes
  • Season 8 – 12

Hawaii Five-O TV Series Theme Song

The show’s theme song was an instrumental composed by Morton Stevens and was recorded by a group named The Ventures. It managed to reach the number four spot on the Billboard Top 100. The song has been covered and re-recorded with lyrics by Don Ho and Sammy Davis Jr.

More Information

Please note that this page refers to the original series. For more detailed information, visit the show’s Wikipedia page.

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hawaii-five-o-television-series-on-dvd Overview Hawaii Five-O (Hawaii 5-0) is an American television series that starred actor Jack Lord as a police detective who worked for a fictional Hawaii state police department. The Hawaii Five-O TV Series ran on the CBS television network for a total of 12 seasons,...


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