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The latest private investigator books, crime detective novels, mystery novels and reference guides for detectives, police, legal professionals and crime scene investigators. Learn the latest techniques used by the best detectives and expand your knowledge by building a reference library of the best P.I. books, guides and how-to manuals. Includes paperback, hardcover, electronic books and audiobooks.

List of James Patterson Books

List of James Patterson Books

According to the Guinness World Records, author James Patterson has had more New York Times bestsellers than any other writer, ever in history. Many of his books involve police detectives and private investigators, so...
FBI books

FBI Books

The FBI is a federal criminal investigative, intelligence agency, and is the primary investigative arm of the United States Department of Justice (DOJ). This article provides an overview of the best FBI books that provide an inside...
CIA books

Central Intelligence Agency CIA Books

List of CIA Books The following CIA books provide helpful information on the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). The CIA provides a number of publications that provide a wealth of information about cities and people around the...
collection agency books

Collection Agency Books

What is a Collection Agency? A collection agency is a business that attempts to collect financial payments on debts owed by individuals or businesses. Most collection agencies operate as agents of creditors and collect debts...
For Dummies Books

For Dummies Books for Investigators

For Dummies books are a popular series of instructional reference books that provide easy to understand guides on a wide variety of topics. Dummies books are basically "how-to books" that are well-organized and usually follow...
Process Server Books

Process Server Books

This article provides an overview of process server books. What is Process Service? Process Service, or Service of Process, is the act by which a party is given legal notice, by delivery of a summons, of...
Chase Darkness With Me

Chase Darkness With Me – Review of the Audiobook

How One True Crime Writer Started Solving Murders Whether you're a private investigator, a citizen detective, or a true crime enthusiast, it is important to learn about your craft. Audiobooks are a great way to...
Background Check Books

Reference Books for Background Checks

One of the most frequently requested services of a private investigator is to conduct a background check. Private investigators conduct background checks for clients on their prospective business partners, new boyfriends and girlfriends, nannies,...
Online Search Books

Online Search Books and Reference Guides

Learn How to Become an Expert at Searching for, and Finding, Information Online The internet, and especially the search engine, is a private investigator's best friend. Private investigators use the internet to search public records databases,...

Bodyguards and Executive Protection Specialists

What is a Bodyguard? A bodyguard, or personal protection specialist, is a type of security guard who protects another person from various dangers such as assault, kidnapping, assassination, loss of confidential information, or other threats....

More Investigation Books

List of John Grisham books

List of the Best John Grisham Books

Most Recommended This article provides a list of the best John Grisham books from the past 30 years: A Time to...
law books

Legal Books for Private Investigators

Learning about the Law with Legal Books While a law degree isn't necessary to be a private investigator, having an...
How to disappear

How to Disappear, Drop Off The Grid and Never be Found

Learn How to Disappear Do you want or need to disappear completely and never be found? Do you want to...
Evidence collection

Evidence Collection Books

This article provides a brief overview of evidence and the process of evidence collection. In addition, it includes a...
List of Tom Clancy Books

List of the Best Tom Clancy Books

Tom Clancy is a best-selling American novelist who is well-known for writing thrilling espionage, spy, and military science novels....