Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Books: An Inside Look at the Agency

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Books: An Inside Look at the Agency

The following books provide helpful information on the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). The CIA provides a number of publications that provide a wealth of information about cities and people around the world.  These CIA books provide information such as:

  • The history of the intelligence agency, including how it was formed and the original structure
  • Types of positions available in the agency and how to get a job or start a career
  • Where to find declassified documents from the intelligence agency
  • How to obtain world factbooks that provide detailed data on every country in the world
  • How the agency approaches intelligence gathering and conducts espionage

Inside the CIA

The author who wrote this book, Kessler, is the first journalist to receive full cooperation from the Central Intelligence Agency. This highly informative book reveals inside information about the agency’s structure, policies and key personnel. The writer clearly defines the missions of the agency’s five components, including the director and the directorates of operations, science and technology, intelligence, and administration. Kessler explores such diverse subjects as the agency’s employment policies, the director’s daily presidential briefing, the department’s counter-narcotics efforts, the physical compound building and the agency’s struggle to create a viable public relations policy.

The CIA World Factbook

The World Factbook is a country-by-country guide to the world which provides detailed information on the nations of the world in regard to the population, political environment, economy, military capability and more. In addition, the book provides maps, key statistics, demographics, and diseases. The fact book is a great resource for private investigators who travel the world and work internationally. The fact book is available online at https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/index.html and is updated frequently. The printed version is no longer published.

The American Agent: My Life in the CIA Book

Dick Holm joined the Central Intelligence Agency in the 1960’s and eventually went on to become the Bureau Chief in Paris, France. During his tenure in the intelligence agency, he spent time in Vietnam, Hong Kong and on many international anti-terrorism operations. He served under thirteen different directors. As a result, he has a thorough knowledge of how the department is structured and how it works, from an insiders perspective.

The CIA at War: Inside the Secret Campaign Against Terror

Written by an investigative journalist, this insightful book gives an inside look at the history of the agency, its problems and its accomplishments. The content of the book is based on personal interviews with intelligence officials and agents from both past and present.

Inside CIA’s Private World: Declassified Articles from the Agency’s Internal Journal, 1955-1992

This book contains a group of declassified essays that were originally written for distribution within the department only. The essays were compiled from interviews with agents and provide an true inside look at the history of the agency, insight into secret operations, and practical how-to advice.

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