Legal Books and Law Reference Manuals for Private Detectives

legal books

Learn how to understand the law and legal issues related to private investigations.

While a law degree isn’t necessary, having an understanding of the law is one of the most valuable traits of a private investigator.  The better your understanding of the law and legal matters, the more effectively you’ll be able to serve your clients.  fortunately, there are a wide variety of legal books, legal guides and law manuals available to help you improve your knowledge.

Having a library of legal reference books will help you navigate the legal issues of your cases, and will help you manage the business affairs of your P.I. firm more safely.  With these books, you’ll learn such things as:

  • How the legal system works in the United States and how to best navigate through its complexity
  • When to involve an attorney or lawyer on your case
  • Where to find, or how to create, various legal documents and legal forms
  • What laws apply to your investigation case (child support laws, divorce laws, bankruptcy laws, tort laws, etc.)
  • Learn the meaning of complex legal terms, become more well-versed in client communications

Following are several legal and law books that may be helpful to private detectives:

Navigating The Legal Minefield of Private Investigations (Paperback)

A legal book for detectives, security experts and police officers that helps explain the laws that pertain to private investigations. Topics include surveillance, trespassing, impersonations, electronic wiretapping, arrest rules, and witness interviewing. Also discusses spy gear such as GPS tracking, hidden video, and more.

Law 101: Everything You Need to Know about the American Legal System

 Everything You Need to Know About the American Legal System explains the U.S. Legal system in a simple and straightforward manner that anyone can understand. Think of it as a crash course to the first year of law school.

Black’s Law Dictionary: Deluxe Thumb-Index (Black’s Law Dictionary)

Black’s Law Dictionary is the premier legal reference resource that includes over 24,000 legal definitions. In addition to providing the meaning for thousands of terms, the book includes the full Constitution, a time chart of the United States Supreme Court, a map of the Federal Court circuit and many more features.

Constitutional Law and the Criminal Justice System

This book focus on critical legal topics such as reasonable search and seizure and double jeopardy and testifying against oneself. A great reference for private detectives, police and law students.

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