List of the Best Tom Clancy Books


Tom Clancy is a best-selling American novelist known for writing thrilling espionage, spy, and military science novels. This article provides a list of the best Tom Clancy books. In addition, we offer a brief overview of Threat Vector.

List of Tom Clancy Books

Jack Ryan and John Clark Book Series

Following is a list of the Jack Ryan and John Clark book series, probably the most popular Tom Clancy Books and series. The list includes the book’s name and the year of publication.

The Hunt for Red October (1984)

The Hunt for Red October (A Jack Ryan Novel)
  • Clancy, Tom (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 656 Pages – 09/07/2010 (Publication Date) – Berkley (Publisher)

“The Hunt for Red October” is a thrilling techno-thriller. Set during the height of the Cold War, the story follows the gripping cat-and-mouse chase between the Soviet Union and the United States after a brilliant and enigmatic Soviet submarine captain, Marko Ramius decides to defect to the West with the Soviet Navy’s most advanced submarine, the Red October. As the world teeters on the brink of nuclear war, CIA analyst Jack Ryan becomes the key player in the high-stakes hunt to prevent a potential catastrophe, unraveling a web of political intrigue, espionage, and military strategy in a race against time. Clancy’s masterful storytelling and meticulous attention to detail make “The Hunt for Red October” a captivating and unforgettable tale of suspense and diplomacy on the high seas.

Patriot Games (1987)

Patriot Games (A Jack Ryan Novel Book 2)
  • Amazon Kindle Edition
  • Clancy, Tom (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 794 Pages – 01/22/2009 (Publication Date) – Berkley (Publisher)

Patriot Games (1987) – “Patriot Games” is a gripping thriller novel that follows the unexpected entanglement of retired CIA agent Jack Ryan in a deadly terrorist plot. During a vacation in London, Ryan foils an assassination attempt on the British royal family by confronting and killing a group of Irish terrorists. This courageous act makes him a hero and puts him and his family in the crosshairs of vengeful terrorists. As Ryan becomes a target, he must navigate the treacherous world of international terrorism while trying to protect his loved ones. With intense action, intricate political intrigue, and a riveting portrayal of heroes’ harrowing choices, “Patriot Games” keeps readers on the edge of their seats from beginning to end.

The Cardinal of the Kremlin (1988) – “The Cardinal of the Kremlin” is a captivating espionage thriller that delves into the high-stakes world of Cold War espionage. The novel follows CIA analyst Jack Ryan as he becomes embroiled in a perilous operation to extract vital intelligence from the Soviet Union’s most valuable asset—the enigmatic Colonel Mikhail Filitov, also known as “Cardinal.” Amidst the escalating tensions between the superpowers, Ryan must navigate a treacherous landscape of political intrigue, betrayal, and technological warfare, where the fate of the world hinges on the actions of a few key individuals. With masterful storytelling, intricate plots, and thought-provoking moral dilemmas, “The Cardinal of the Kremlin” is a riveting tale of loyalty, sacrifice, and the complexities of power in the quest for global supremacy.

Clear and Present Danger (1989) – “Clear and Present Danger” delves into the covert world of Jack Ryan, a CIA analyst turned reluctant operative. The 1989 thriller navigates a treacherous landscape of political intrigue, drug cartels, and the blurred lines of morality. When Ryan discovers the U.S. government’s involvement in a secret war against Colombian drug lords, he becomes entangled in a web of conspiracy that threatens not only his career but also global stability. As he battles political machinations and dangerous adversaries, Ryan must make tough choices to safeguard his nation’s interests while questioning the ethical cost of such clandestine operations.

The Sum of All Fears (1991) – Tom Clancy crafts a geopolitical thriller where the world teeters on the brink of nuclear catastrophe. CIA analyst Jack Ryan confronts a new kind of threat when a nuclear device falls into the wrong hands, sparking an international crisis. As tensions escalate between superpowers, Ryan must unravel a complex web of deception and prevent a devastating war. Clancy’s masterful storytelling weaves political intricacies with high-stakes action, showcasing the fragility of global relations. “The Sum of All Fears” is a pulse-pounding exploration of power, betrayal, and the terrifying potential of modern warfare.

Without Remorse (1993) – Catapults readers into the gripping origin story of John Clark, a key character in the author’s universe. As a former Navy SEAL seeking justice for a personal tragedy, Clark becomes entangled in a shadowy world of covert operations and political intrigue. Set against the backdrop of post-Vietnam America, the narrative unfolds with relentless action and moral complexity. Clancy skillfully explores the blurred lines between vengeance and duty, laying the foundation for one of his iconic characters. “Without Remorse” is a visceral and thought-provoking journey into the darker realms of justice and retribution.

Debt of Honor (1994) – The author orchestrates a high-stakes geopolitical thriller where Jack Ryan faces a multifaceted crisis. Ryan ascends to National Security Advisor, a conflict between the United States and Japan unravels, propelled by economic tensions and political maneuvering. A catastrophic climax leaves the world on the brink of chaos, demanding Ryan’s strategic brilliance to avert global catastrophe. Clancy’s intricate narrative weaves financial intrigue, military strategy, and personal drama, creating a riveting tale that explores the interconnected web of international relations. “Debt of Honor” is a compelling dive into the complexities of power and consequence.

Executive Orders (1996)

Rainbow Six (1998)

The Bear and the Dragon (2000)

Red Rabbit (2002)

The Teeth of the Tiger (2003)

Dead or Alive (2010)

Locked On (2011)

Threat Vector (2012)

Command Authority (2013)

Full Force and Effect (2014)

Under Fire (2015)

Commander-in-Chief (2015)

Duty and Honor (2016)

True Faith and Allegiance (2016)

Point of Contact (2017)

Power and Empire (2017)

All Tom Clancy books, including fiction and non-fiction, are available online at In addition, many of the popular series on the list are available as audiobooks through and other audio-streaming services.

Tom Clancy: Op-Center Book Series

Following is a list of books in the Op-Center series:

  • Op-Center (1995)
  • Mirror Image (1995)
  • Games of State (1996)
  • Acts of War (1996)
  • Balance of Power (1998)
  • State of Siege (1999)
  • Divide and Conquer (2000)
  • Line of Control (2001)
  • The mission of Honor (2002)
  • Sea of Fire (2003)
  • Call to Treason (2004)
  • War of Eagles (2005)
  • Out of the Ashes (2014)
  • Into the Fire (2015)
  • Scorched Earth (2016)
  • Dark Zone (2017)

Power Plays Book Series

Following is a list of books in the Power Play series:

Politika (1997) (1998)
Shadow Watch (1999)
Bio-Strike (2000)
Cold War (2001)
Cutting Edge (2002)
Zero Hour (2003)
Wild Card (2004)

Net Force Books

Following is a list of the books in the Net Force series:

Net Force (1999)
Hidden Agendas (1999)
Night Moves (1999)
Breaking Point (2000)
Point of Impact (2001)
CyberNation (2001)
State of War (2003)
Changing of the Guard (2003)
Springboard (2005)
The Archimedes Effect (2006)


Tom Clancy Net Force Explorers Book Series

Following is a list of the books in the Net Force Explorers series:

Virtual Vandals (1998)
The Deadliest Game (1998)
One is the Loneliest Number (1999)
The Ultimate Escape (1999)
The Great Race (1999)
End Game (1998)
Cyberspy (1999)
Shadow of Honor (2000)
Private Lives (2000)
Safe House (2000)
Gameprey (2000)
Duel Identity (2000)
Deathworld (2000)
High Wire (2001)
Cold Case (2001)
Runaways (2001)

List of Books in the Splinter Cell Series

Following is a list of the books in the Splinter Cell series:

Splinter Cell (2004)
Operation Barracuda (2005)
Checkmate (2006)
Fallout (2007)
Conviction (2009)
Endgame (2009)
Blacklist Aftermath (2013)

Ghost Recon Series

Ghost Recon (2008)
Combat Ops (2011)
Choke Point (2012)
Wildlands: Dark Waters (2017)

Other Books

Following is a list of the other fiction and non-fiction books published by this author:

Red Storm Rising (1986)
Strategies for Submarine Warfare (1996)
Against All Enemies (2011)
Submarine (1993)
Armored Cav (1994)
Fighter Wing (1995)
Marine (1996)
Airborne (1997)
Carrier (1999)
Special Ops (2000)
Into the Storm (1997)
Every Man a Tiger (1999)
Shadow Warriors (2002)
Battle Ready (2004)
EndWar (2008)
H.A.W.X. (2009)

Against All Enemies (2011)
The Hunted (2011)
Support and Defend (2014)

Overview of the Book Threat Vector

Threat Vector (Jack Ryan, Jr.) by Tom Clancy (2013-12-03)

Threat Vector (Jack Ryan, Jr.) by Tom Clancy (2013-12-03)

A brief synopsis of a popular Tom Clancy Book, Threat Vector. Jack Ryan, the well-known character from Tom Clancy novels and movies, just moved back into the Oval Office and is immediately dealing with a new international threat. An aborted coup in the People’s Republic of China left the current President, Wei Zhen Lin, with no choice but to agree with the policies of General Su Ke Qiang. As a result, they declared the South China Sea a protectorate, and now they are planning to invade Taiwan.

The Ryan administration is determined to stop China’s ambitions, but the stakes are dangerous. The Chinese have a new line of powerful anti-ship missiles threatening the United States Navy’s plans to protect Taiwan. Meanwhile, devious Chinese cyberwarfare experts have launched a devastating cyberattack on American infrastructure. Like real life, cyber warfare is the modern combat arena, and it’s just as deadly as any other.

Jack Ryan, Jr. and his associates at the campus may be just the wild card his father needs to combat the threat. There’s just one problem: someone knows about the secret intelligence agency and threatens to blow their cover.

Like other Tom Clancy books written by the best-selling author, this one is a real page-turner. As if it was taken straight from the pages of today’s headlines, the plot lines twist and turn and offer thrills around every corner. You’ll love this latest book if you love international intrigue, real-life situations, and advanced technological warfare. We feel this one will make its way into a screenplay and eventually onto the big screen.

Reviews of the Book Threat Vector

  • “This book was hard to put down.” – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
  • “Each plotline comes to us mainly in a series of tightly written action scenes. As visual as anything on a movie screen, with the added enticement of crisp, accurate, and hard-driving prose.” – The Chicago Tribune

About the Authors, Tom Clancy and Mark Greaney

Tom Clancy is one of the world’s most famous writers of international thrillers. All of Clancy’s books have hit number one on the New York Times bestseller list. He lives in Maryland and owns an interest in the Baltimore Orioles.

Mark Greaney, the co-author of this particular novel, is the national bestselling author of The Gray Man series of books.  Greaney lives in Memphis, Tennessee.

The book was produced in a hardcover format as a part of the Tom Clancy Jack Ryan series of novels. It was published on December 4, 2012, by Putnam Adult. It was written and published in English and consists of 848 pages. The ISBNs are ISBN-13: 978-0399160455 and ISBN-10: 0399160450. Physically, the book is 2.7 x 6.5 x 9.8 inches in size, and the shipping weight is 2.2 pounds.

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