Bodyguard Books for Private Detectives and Security Officers


Private investigators sometimes double as a bodyguard due to their personal protection experience gained during their time in the military or as a former police officer.  Many private detectives carry guns or other weapons and are generally very alert of their surroundings, which makes them a natural for bodyguard services. When it comes to protecting executives, politicians, or movie stars, those with the most experience and knowledge get the job.

If you provide personal protection and body guarding services in addition to private investigation services, it may be helpful to brush up on the latest approaches and techniques.

Bodyguard Books

The following bodyguard books provide helpful information on the subject of Bodyguard and Personal Protection.  You’ll find information such as:

  • How to become a bodyguard, where to get the proper training, and how to find a job as a bodyguard or providing executive protection
  • Self-defense and personal protection tips to keep yourself and your client safe in dangerous situations
  • Equipment, accessories and tools used by bodyguards to keep their clients safe
  • How to evaluate a location, scene or automobile to identify potential security threats
  • Offensive and defensive driving maneuvers
  • Awareness and observation techniques

List of Books

A Professional’s Guide to Ending Violence Quickly: How Bouncers, Bodyguards, and Other Security

This book teaches you how to handle difficult situations like a professional by defusing dangerous situations and avoiding confrontations. The information draws on research and interviews from some of the toughest bouncers, bodyguards and other security professionals to help you master the art of diffusion.

Executive Protection: A Professional’s Guide To Body guarding

This bodyguard book demystifies the folklore behind being a bodyguard. It describes the true reality involved in protecting real-life celebrities, corporate executives and foreign dignitaries. The author, Benny Mares, explains how to begin a successful career in the field of personal protection and bodyguarding.

How to Bodyguard Yourself: A Personal Protection Guide Women : The Practical Guide Deterring Rapists, Stalkers, Serial Killers, Hit Men, Terrorists
This bodyguarding guide is design primarily for women who wish to specialize in the field. It teaches contemporary security techniques required by women to successfully implement a user-friendly and practical security awareness program.  Use this professional protection guide to learn how to be a specialist in this male-dominated career field.

Defensive Tactics the Security Professional

This reference guide for security professionals explains self-defense tactics and discusses the legality of using them in various circumstances.  The book discuss all aspects of legal defense tactics including the psychological, the physical, and the practical aspects involved in training defensive tactics.

The author is a martial arts / kung-fu expert with over 40 years of experience in the business. Learn about:

  • How to engage in hand to hand combat situations
  • Defending against various weapons, even if you don’t have a weapon yourself
  • How to handle attacks from multiple people simultaneously and the last person left standing
  • How to improve your level of awareness with awareness training
  • Liability issues faced by protection specialists

The book contains illustrations and descriptions of various situations and explains how to best handle them.


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