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One of a private investigator’s most frequently requested services is conducting a background check. Private investigators conduct background checks for clients on prospective business partners, new boyfriends and girlfriends, nannies, and new employees.

Private investigators usually have access to online databases and also access a variety of information sources to search public records. Via these services, PIs order background check reports such as driving history records, credit history reports, criminal background dossiers, and last known address records. Please view our list of Background Check Service Providers to learn more.

List of Background Check Books

The following Background Check books provide helpful details on Background Investigations. These background check reference books will help you learn the following:

  • The components of a background check report
  • How you can find some information for free via the internet
  • How to run criminal record checks to see if someone has a criminal history
  • How to verify employment or education history
  • How to verify professional licenses
  • How to prepare background investigation reports for your clients

Use these books to learn how the pros conduct background checks using nationwide information providers, background investigation software, and the internet.

The Guide to Background Investigations, 9th Edition
This background investigation book is designed to assist employers with investigating and screening potential employees. Now in its eighth edition, the book provides information on requesting background records from state, federal, and educational entities in all states. Information on each contact includes address, phone and fax number, website address, cost of documents or materials, and the average turnaround time for processing requests. The book also explains sources of information, at both the state and country levels, for obtaining motor vehicle records, including vehicle ownership and driving records. It also covers finding information on workers’ compensation claims, vital statistics, criminal records, professional license verification, and uniform commercial code (UCC) filings for tax liens. The federal section describes records available for federal district and bankruptcy courts, FAA certification and aircraft registry, military service records, military school records, and old or closed records from Regional Record Services Facilities. The book also explains how to investigate educational backgrounds by verifying academic attendance and degrees, requesting transcripts, and determining accreditation status.
Sleuthing 101: Background Checks and the Law
“Sleuthing 101, Background Checks and The Law” focuses mainly on the background screening process for employers. The book provides information that helps companies protect themselves from hiring the wrong employees. Private Investigators can use this book as a reference to learn about background checks and the law. It includes helpful information on state and federal laws, real-life stories, and examples.
Background Screening and Investigations: Managing Hiring Risk from the HR and Security Perspectives
Background Screening and Investigations is a book designed to help companies conduct effective background screening evaluations before and after hiring new employees. The process of background checks gives companies a view into an applicant’s past behavior patterns, propensities, and likely future behavior. The book describes all aspects of the employment background check from the perspective of human resource professionals. The book also discusses state laws and legal considerations involved in screening. In addition, it talks about sticky topics such as hiring convicted felons and conducting international background checks.

Examining Public Records – Background Investigations Made Easy for the General Public

This background check book is excellent for anyone who wishes to use public records to conduct background investigations. It is an easy-to-understand beginner’s guide that explains the process of investigating the backgrounds of individuals and companies. Learn how to examine public records online and at the county courthouse to uncover critical historical information.

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  1. These books will definitely be helpful for the employers as well as the employees to know the hiring laws in a better way and implement them properly. There are many cases regarding the unfair or inaccurate background check on the employees that results in rejection of that employee without any means. Also, some employers who are searching the employees’ social media accounts and rejecting them in the base of color, nationality, ethnicity, sexual orientation, etc. It is completely illegal to do such and they should follow fair hiring policy.


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