“For Dummies” Books for Investigators

For Dummies Books
A list of For Dummies books related to private investigations.

For Dummies books are a popular series of instructional reference books that provide easy to understand guides on a wide variety of topics. Dummies books are basically “how-to books” that are well-organized and usually follow a standard pattern, including sections known as “parts”.

A number of For Dummies books are available on investigation-related topics such as Forensics, genealogy, and legal matters.  You’ll also find a wide variety of helpful instruction guide and manuals for starting a business, managing employees and contractors, and understanding financial matters.

Adoption for Dummies – A reference guide on adoption that explains the process of adopting a child, who is involved in the process, how long the process takes, how much it might cost, things to prepare for and more. Often, private detectives are hired to investigate adoptions or to track down adopted children, so it may be helpful to have some background on the topic before accepting a case.

Cryptography for Dummies – Learn about cryptography, which is the process of reading or writing messages or codes.

Computer Viruses – If you’re involved investigating computer crimes or hackers, use this For Dummies book to learn about how computer viruses are used to commit financial crimes and how viruses are stopped by ISP tools and PC software.

Computer Security – Learn about the processes and tools used to keep computers and networks secure through virus protection software, firewalls, encryption and more.

Divorce for Dummies – If you’re consider a divorce, this book will help you understand your rights and will help save you money if working with an attorney, or how to avoid an attorney all together.

Everyday Law Kit – Get the basic law tools that everyone needs to understand the law and various legal matters.

Forensics for Dummies – A reference guide for crime scene investigation. The book uses real-life case studies to explain how to determine the cause of death, the time of death, how to take fingerprints, blood samples, ballistics analysis and forensic computing and psychology.

Genealogy Online for Dummies – Private detectives are often hired to find long lost relatives, loved ones and missing persons. Learn how to conduct genealogical research and how to build family trees.

Hacking for Dummies – If you’re criminal investigator, especially one that specializes in investigating computer crimes and fraud, you’ll enjoy this handy reference guide that explains the basics of hacking. Learn about the tools and techniques hackers use to break into computers and penetrate networks.

Hacking Wireless Networks – Learn how hackers break into networks using wi-fi or wireless access.

Law for Dummies – This book helps you understand your legal rights and responsibilities and how to use the law without hiring an attorney. Helps you understand the United States legal system, how to resolve problems quickly, and how to avoid legal hassles.

Law School For Dummies – A book that offers insight into the law school experience for prospective law school students.

Patents, Copyrights & Trademarks for Dummies – Explains intellectual property rights, patents, etc. How to acquire, register and maintain intellectual property rights, patents and copyrights to protect yourself and your company.

Wireless Network Hacks & Mods

Buy these and other For Dummies Books at Amazon.com and start building your detective library. Whether you need to sharpen your skills or learn about a new area, these books are one of the fastest ways to build your knowledge.


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