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Spy gear, electronic surveillance equipment and covert gadgets for private investigators and police officers. Get the latest spy tools such as hidden cameras, secret weapons and personal protection gear.

Spy gear

Spy Gear for Private Investigators

Spy gear is any electronic equipment or device used to conduct various types of surveillance, counter-surveillance and investigations. Spy gear is also commonly referred to as "spy equipment" or "spy gadgets."
Tips for Keeping Your Home Safe

Tips for Keeping Your Home and Family Safe for the Holidays

We believe the holiday season should be one of joy. Whether you’re staying home or traveling this year, this article provides a list of tips for keeping your home safe during the holidays. Many burglars...
How to find Hidden Cameras

How to Find Hidden Cameras and Covert Video Recording Devices

This article explains how to find hidden cameras and covert video and audio recording devices. Hidden cameras and video recording devices are used to capture photos and video footage of people without their knowledge....
How to Register a Drone

How to Register a Drone with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

With the rapid growth in both personal and commercial use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), more commonly known as drones, the Federal Aviation Administration decided to require that owners register the aircraft vehicles. The proliferation...
Private Investigator Badges

Private Investigator Badges, Shields and Accessories

A badge is defined as a distinctive mark, token, sign, or emblem worn on one's clothing, that signifies a rank or membership in an organization. They are usually formed like a name badge and provides information about...
TASERS and stun guns

TASERS and Stun Guns

What are TASERS and stun guns? TASERS and stun guns handheld electroshock gun that was developed by a company called TASER international. Most people are surprised to learn that...
bulletproof vests

Bulletproof Vests: Protection from Gunfire, Explosions and Shrapnel

What is are bulletproof vests? Bulletproof vests are like a sleeveless shirt that is worn on the upper portion (torso) of the body. The protective bulletproof vests serve as a piece of personal armor that...
iphone spy gear

iPhone Data Recovery Tool: Retrieve and Backup Mobile Phone Information

As a concerned employer, spouse or parent, entrusting a device with as much power and room for abuse as an iPhone is sure to cause some anxiety. With the iPhone Spy Stick, you can...
Dropcam wireless camera

Dropcam HD Wireless Remote Video Monitoring Camera

Stream Live Video and View Anytime, From Anywhere Similar to a home alarm monitoring service, the Dropcam wireless camera is a cloud-based wireless video monitoring service that helps you stay connected to your home, family, baby, pets and even...
Car Dashboard Mount Camera

iDrive Car Dashboard Mount Camera

Car Dashboard Mount Camera In many situations, private investigators need a hands-free, car dashboard mount camera to use during surveillance missions. Dash mountable cams provide a simple solution for capturing...

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