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Self defense
Learn about self-defense and personal security techniques

In addition to conducting background checks and locating missing persons, private eyes are often hired to provide personal protection and bodyguard services to their clients. If you are considering adding these options to your menu of services, it is important to become educated in self-defense. You should educate yourself not just in the techniques, but in the theories, practices, and legal aspects of bodyguarding. Be sure to check out our list of self-defense books as well.

Personal Protection and Self-Defense Training

In many cases, private detectives have experience in the military, law enforcement, private security, or related industries. These professions often include self-defense training, hand-to-hand combat techniques, and training on various weapons. If you have such experience, you have a solid foundation upon which to build new skills and techniques to utilize as an investigator on the streets.

If you don’t have any prior experience, consider hiring a local expert to teach you and your staff a variety of techniques that can be used in sticky situations. While you can certainly learn from any martial arts expert, it is probably best to hire someone who has prior experience in law enforcement, especially someone who has experience with training police officers. This will help ensure that you get the most relevant training on the techniques that will be most useful for your situation.

Look for a trainer with knowledge of judo, Aikido, or ju-jitsu to learn take-downs and holds. Or, look for an expert with knowledge of Taekwondo, Kenpo karate, or Kung Fu to learn hand-to-hand combat techniques. Also, mixed martial arts trainers have knowledge of a wide variety of styles, but be careful not to hire an overzealous, hot-head.

Self Defense Equipment

There is a wide variety of personal protective equipment available to law enforcement personnel, private investigators, and the general public. If you’re considering acquiring weapons to use in self-defense, it is important to understand how to properly use the devices, and what the legal implications may be in your particular city or state.

Available equipment ranges from protective gear such as bulletproof vests and protective pads to TASERs, batons, and even firearms.

Personal Security Books

Learn the Techniques That Will Keep You and Your Clients Safe on the Streets

The following books provide helpful information on the subject of Personal and Physical Security.  Due to the nature of private investigation work, private detectives may find themselves in dangerous situations where their personal security, or that of their client, is at risk.  These personal security books will help you learn techniques for staying safe and how to be prepared for potential threats to your personal and physical security. Following is a list of the best-selling books on this topic:

Effective Physical Security

Effective Physical SecurityEffective Physical Security provides an overview of the basics of physical security controls. The book is an easy-to-understand reference on security controls, design, and management techniques. Helpful drawings explain various controls and help make them easy to understand. A great book for security professionals, bodyguards, bouncers, and police officers.

Learn more about Effective Physical Security at

Executive’s Guide to Personal Security

Executive's Guide to Personal Security

Book Description – As a company executive or an individual business owner, you cannot control the intentions of criminals and terrorists. However, you do have full control over effectively lowering your risk of being attacked by increasing security measures – physical, technical, and procedural. The less vulnerable you are, the less attractive you are to any criminal or terrorist who may be planning an attack in hopes of extorting money or demanding ransom. Let the Executive’s Guide to Personal Security show you how to ensure safety both at home and abroad.

Physical Security and the Inspection Process

This book offers a lot of basic information tips and hints, which help make it a good resource.

Physical Security 150 Things You Should Know

Physical Security 150 Things You Should Know is a comprehensive reference for security experts and executive protection specialists. Includes an overview of security operations, lighting, fencing, tracking, and risk management. Learn these advanced techniques for keeping you and your clients safe.

The Design and Evaluation of Physical Protection Systems

It provides a review of protection systems like physical barriers, electronic sensors, and layered defense systems. Covers emerging technologies and electronic security systems. Includes diagrams and illustrations that help clarify and simplify difficult concepts.

Hire a Private Investigator for Personal Protection Services

If you’re a private citizen and would like to hire a bodyguard or personal protection specialist, visit our Bodyguard Directory to hire a professional in your area.

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