Collection Agency Books

collection agency books
Learn about collection agencies

A collection agency is a business that attempts to collect financial payments on debts owed by individuals or businesses. Most collection agencies operate as agents of creditors and collect debts for a fee or percentage of the total amount collected.  Most agencies use a variety of methods to track down and contact debtors including making personal phone calls, sending email, and postal mail.

Many private detectives offer collection agency services, financial investigations, forensic accounting, and asset searches to their clients. A wide variety of helpful books are available on the subject to help you build knowledge and skills in this area.

The following books explain the in’s and out’s of starting your own debt collection agency. These books will help you:

  • Understand the purpose of a collections agency
  • Learn the types of services offered
  • Learn the different types of debt a collection firm will attempt to recover
  • Learn about the laws and rules governing the activities of collection companies and debt recovery businesses
  • Learn how to start your own company or offer the services to your clients

This type of business can be challenging, as people seldom want to hear from someone who is trying to “take” their money. Debtors will often ignore phone calls, refuse to open their mail, and file complaints with state organizations, even if they know they legally owe the debt. Some debtors may even hire an attorney and attempt to sue you, so it is important to understand how to operate within the legal constraints of the law. However, collecting money for others or yourself can be a profitable business if run properly.

List of Collection Agency Books

How to Start a Home-Based Collection Agency – Book

A step by step guide to establishing your own debt collection business. Learn how to set-up your own home-based business to collect debts as a full business, or as part of your existing private investigation practice.

Ultimate Credit and Collections Handbook (Paperback Version)

This handbook explains how businesses can make more money by collecting money more efficiently from its customers. It explains how to create or improve an official credit department, implement credit policies and procedures, and the types of debts to avoid. It also includes information on the relevant state and federal laws that apply to such practices.


Private investigators may be hired to investigate an agency that is making harassing phone calls to a debtor. These books will help you understand the law and what agencies can and cannot do.

Collection Agency Harassment: What the Debt Collector Doesn’t Want You to Know (Paperback)

This book was written by an attorney with extensive experience in the industry. Read case citations and sample complaints to learn first-hand accounts similar situations. It is designed to help people who have been targeted and harassed by collection agents.

The book will help you understand your rights under the law and the circumstances in which you could actually sue the collector for inappropriate or illegal behavior under the law.

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