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Virtual Case Management
Learn about Virtual Case Management for Private Investigators


Private investigators use case management software and online services to help manage various aspects of their business more efficiently. Today’s solutions, such as Virtual Case Management, offer helpful features such as:

  • Evidence collection – Document, image, and audio file storage with direct file scanning into the system
  • Communications history – store emails and letters in one central location
  • Financial management, including billing and accounting
  • Investigative reports

This article aims to provide an overview of one such solution, Virtual Case Management®.

About the Company

Virtual Case Management® is a privately owned North American corporation specializing in software and business development solutions. Their solutions are designed by analysts, investigators, and legal case managers with extensive knowledge of case structures.

Their products and services are designed from the ground up with top-notch security in mind. They also develop solutions for process servers, the legal industry, law enforcement analysts, information technology experts, and customized solutions for other industries.

Virtual Case Management (VCM)

Virtual Case Management (VCM) software uses proprietary technology to automate and organize business functions. The software allows private investigators to manage multiple aspects of their investigation business in one central location via an easy-to-use online interface. The VCM system helps private eyes manage their investigation cases, contact information, case documents, communications, and accounting data.

Primary System Features

Following are some of the critical features of the Virtual Case Management System:

Top-Notch Security – The system uses cutting-edge FBI-certified biometric access, which means you can access the system using just your fingerprint. This helps keep the system secure against hackers. The biometric access is certified by NIST and FIPS 201. In addition, the hosting solutions surpass DOD and NSA standards. The company maintains the servers at a 99.9% reliable uptime and has backup Generators and backup Internet support.

Communication Tracking – VCM tracks and stores case-related emails and attachments in one central location to ensure everything is available for easy retrieval and review.

Direct Document Scanning—This feature locates a scanner attached to your computer and allows users to scan documents directly into the VCM attachments section. It works with WIA, TWAIN, and ISIS image-scanning devices.

Investigative Reports—VCM offers over 20 investigative reports specific to the private investigation industry. Additional custom reports can be developed.

Administrators can assign fees to Template Reports for services provided to a client, and a bill will be automatically generated.

Upload Images—Images, photos, and audio clips can be uploaded into the VCM from a mobile phone or tablet. The feature accesses the mobile device’s camera and microphone for direct uploads. This feature can be used in real time to upload photos as you take them.

Appointments and Reminders—Users can set appointments or reminders specifically for themselves or other users or send group reminders. The appointments can be integrated into Outlook and Google calendars, as well as mobile devices. You can also integrate your appointments set in VCM to third-party calendars like Outlook, Google, and/or mobile devices.

Account & Billing Functions – The system is set up to connect reports to the Automatic Billing System. So, once you create a report, VCM charges in the backend for that specific service via an hourly or flat rate. This allows administrators to charge different fees, add discounts, etc. This integrated approach helps save you time and money, as the billing function doesn’t have to be handled as a separate process. Following are some other features of the accounting system:

  • Track billing, expenses, and retainer fees
  • Generate multiple invoices
  • Charge multiple sales tax rates
  • Integration with Quickbooks

Other Notable Features

  • Customized look and feel – Users of the system get a customized URL, and the system can be branded with a company logo, and themes can be applied.
  • Easy Administration—Administrators can assign multiple cases to staff, clients, and vendors, rate user performance, and track case history. In addition, helpful reminder features are built into the case structure, and wizards are available to walk users through various tasks.
  • Integrated Search – allows you to find cases by case number, client name or reference number, dates, and more.
  • Multi-Language Support – VCM offers English, Spanish, and French multi-language support.
  • Browser Compatibility – VCM works with the most popular web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsers

Pricing – How much does it cost?

The service has various plans based on the size of your company (e.g., small business, medium-sized business, large business, or corporation). Prices for various plans range from $24.99 to $299.99 per month, with other features available at an additional cost.

When considering which option is right for you, consider how much storage space you will need, who and how many users will be accessing the solution, whether you need customized reports, etc.

The prices listed above were current at the time we wrote this review. Please visit the website listed below for current pricing.

We recommend VCM as a quality case management solution for private investigation businesses.

More Information

For more detailed information, please visit the company website. The company’s direct contact information is as follows:

9 Southwest 13th Street
Suite 2
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33315
Phone: (800) 329-9691

Questions and Feedback

If you have any questions about Virtual Case Management, please visit the website, or post a comment. Have you used this solution? Leave us a comment below and let us know what you think.

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virtual-case-management-vcm-for-investigation-businesses-product-review Overview Private investigators use case management software and online services to help manage various aspects of their business more efficiently. Today's solutions, such as Virtual Case Management, offer helpful features such as: Evidence collection - Document, image, and audio file storage with direct file scanning into the...


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