Facial Recognition Systems


FBI’s Facial Recognition System

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has a facial recognition system that searches more than 400 million photos of faces. The system includes images taken from driver’s licenses, passport photos, visa photos, mugshots, civil images, and more. The photos are stored in federal, state, and other databases. The use of the facial recognition system has been widely criticized for privacy concerns.

Other Facial Recognition Software


Faception developed proprietary computer vision and machine learning technology that profiles people and reveals their personalities based on facial images. Faception software can analyze faces from video streams, cameras, and databases. The technology matches individuals with certain personality traits and types with a high level of accuracy. They have proprietary classifiers such as introvert/extrovert, threat, intelligent, etc.

Noldus Facereader

Noldus FaceReader is a facial expression analysis software program that models the face by automatically analyzing certain traits. Traits include facial expressions, gaze direction, head orientation, and personal characteristics. The software is used at universities, research institutes, and companies.

​Profiler 1 Software

Please note that this product is no longer available. The following is provided for reference purposes only. Find other Detective Software here.

Profiler 1 face reading software was established for the primary purpose of supplying a focused human evaluation service for different needs via the internet.

The company’s leading field of expertise is in-depth personality evaluation according to facial characteristics. Face-reading software is commonly used today in leading security organizations around the world. Our method of analyzing personality traits based on facial features is known for its reliability and rapid results.

How the Software Works

Using this facial analysis software is simple easy and efficient. It begins with uploading the subject’s picture and ends with receiving an updated profile. The data is accessible only by the party ordering the information and is protected by advanced encryption methods.

Profiler 1 is the most advanced and common Personology method in the United States today. It dates back to the 1930s and deals with the logic of human personality. It’s based on observations and research which have been conducted and it has a confirmed accuracy level of 92% between facial characteristics and personality characteristics. This is a unique field. The applicant cannot influence the test results (except with plastic surgery). What we see is what we get.

Personology consulting is conducted today by only a handful of people and for vast sums of money. That’s why people avoid utilizing Personology consulting.

Based on the understanding that people in countless life situations should utilize such knowledge, it was decided to launch a professional site while training evaluators with psychological and criminological backgrounds. The purpose is to bring the advantages of this field of knowledge to the appropriate parties at affordable costs.

The following services were carefully chosen with an emphasis on providing a solution to your needs, whether in the private or the business sector.

  • Profile an employee for a security guard role – Building a special behavioral profile in accordance with the characteristics needed for those employed in the security sector.
  • Profile Your Business Partner – To understand if and how the person can contribute to or hinder success.
  • Profile an Employee – Profile an employee to determine if they are the right fit for your company.
  • Profile Your Personal Relationships – A profile analysis providing the chances of fundamental existing and future relationship success.
  • Profile Your Nanny – A personal profile can predict improper and dangerous behavior types that can harm your child.
  • Profile Your Spouse or Significant Other – For a deeper acquaintance of your partner, whether you are only dating or married.
  • Professional / Job Candidate – Senior or administrative, human resource professionals can use this tool to help with employee hiring and placement by helping to build an accurate personal profile of applicants.
  • Personal – Use the product to better understand yourself, your behavior, and the changes you need in the social and/or professional fields.

Please note that this product is no longer available. The following is provided for reference purposes only. Find other Detective Software here.

Questions and Comments

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