Network File Monitoring Software

Network File Monitoring Software
Learn about Network File Monitoring Software

Centralized, Undetectable Network File Monitoring that requires no Client Installations

Ascendant NFM represents the latest in cutting-edge network file monitoring software tools. Ascendant NFM is a network file monitoring security and asset protection software tool.  Since there are absolutely no software installation requirements for any computer on your network you can centrally monitor and record every single file action that occurs on your network.

The software monitors every file opening, creation, modification, and deletion is recorded along with the user that performed the action, and when. In addition, the product contains essential logging tools that will log and show you every application and website used by users on your network.

Not only can Ascendant NFM monitor and log every file event that occurs on your network, but it can also protect your sensitive data and assets by archiving copies of specified files whenever they are modified, as well as alerting you whenever a user changes or deletes any critical files on your network.

What is Ascendant NFM?

Ascendant NFM is an extremely comprehensive and powerful network monitoring tool that logs every file opening, creation, modification, and deletion on your network.

Undetectable Centralized Monitoring

Ascendant Network File Monitoring (NFM) can log all files, applications, and website usage performed by every user on your network from a central location and allows you to view all activity without having to visit each computer. All monitoring is absolutely undetectable, leaving no log trails or traces on the monitored computer.

NO Client Installations Required

NFM does not require a client program to be installed on each computer you want to monitor – only one installation is required, and that is on the computer you wish to monitor FROM.

File Archival and Asset Protection  – In addition to logging every file creation, modification, and deletion on your network, NFM can be configured to archive specific files whenever they are changed and send email alerts when unauthorized file changes occur – allowing you to protect crucial network assets.

Extensive Reporting Features – Network File Monitoring Software tools can generate a large amount of data so efficient reporting is a must. NFM can generate reports detailing the most active users and computers on your network, as well as the most-used files used by users. Detailed logging reports for each computer can be generated as well.

Network File Monitoring Software: Key Features

  • Record every file event on your network – all file openings, creations, deletions, and changes
  • Essential application and website logging records what programs and sites users use
  • Archive critical files whenever they are modified by users
  • Receive instant alerts when sensitive data is altered or tampered with in any way
  • Built-in log searching, filtering, and archive viewing for easy data management
  • Comprehensive reporting tools, including top files used and most active users and computers
  • Track user web activity by archiving web content that is downloaded
  • Monitor your entire network from one central location
  • Absolutely no client installations are required to monitor a workstation
  • 100% undetectable by users – NFM does not store anything on monitored workstations

More Information

Ascendant NFM is available in Single Computer Licenses and multiple user licenses. The Ascendant NFM network fie monitoring software tool is the ultimate in stealth network server monitoring.  It is one of the best remote network monitoring tools you’ll ever work with.  If you need to monitor activity usage on your network or file server, this is the tool for you.

Network Monitoring Software for Mobile Phones

Some of the most popular network monitoring software tools available are designed to be used on mobile phones. Learn more about How to secretly monitor mobile devices. This article provides a more in-depth review of how this type of software is used on mobile devices. In addition, we provide a review of each of the above packages.

If you have any questions about Network File Monitoring Software, please leave a comment below.

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