Mystery Shopping and Secret Shopper Services


Mystery shopping is used by market research companies to measure the quality of retail customer service provided by company employees.  Mystery shopping companies send secret shoppers into the facility to interact with the business as a normal customer and provide a detailed report on their experience. The mystery shoppers are usually paid for their work and their purchases reimbursed.

For example, if guests visit a movie theater, the cost of their movie tickets, popcorn, drinks and parking costs would be reimbursed. The individuals would visit the movie theater, buy tickets, buy concession items, and watch the entire movie. Later, they would complete a detailed report of everything they saw, including: the parking lot, the physical building, the lobby, the men and women’s restroom, the ticket booth, concession stand, the hallways, the theater, seats, screen, lighting, and more.

Businesses use the information from such reports to identify security issues, building maintenance concerns, employee behavioral issues, food quality, product presentation and delivery, environmental conditions and much more.

This type of covert investigation is also be used for the management of the quality and performances of goods and services. Instructions to mystery shoppers can include a script of behavior, questions to ask, complaints to give, purchases to make, and measures to record, such as time it takes to receive attention from an employee or receive a service, or the responses given to questions.

Mystery shopping is also known as: Mystery consumer, Buyers, Secret Clients, Secret Shopping, Experience Evaluation, Mystery Customers, Anonymous Audits, Employee Evaluations, Performance Audits, fulfillment assessment, Telephone evaluation.

For more information on mystery shopping, visit the following websites:

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  • The Mystery Shopper’s Manual – Enter your name and email to get a free email course on secretive shopper services. Your email address will not be shared with anyone. Ever.
  • The Premier Mystery Shopping Company: Secret Shopper – Covert shopping programs that provide accurate feedback and insightful information to business owners. A leading clandestine shopper company for many years.
  • For Hospitality Companies – Providing legitimate mystery shopping services for upscale hotels, spas and restaurants worldwide, Coyle Hospitality Group sets the standard for mystery.
  • Mystery Shopper Company – Shoppers’ Critique is unlike any other shopping company. We have years of experience providing high quality, highly credible and insightful information.

Beware of offers received via email on this topic. Some scammers use offers for jobs in this field to lure unsuspecting individuals to give up their bank account information. If you’re interested in pursuing a job in this area, visit one of the websites above. Don’t respond to emails that you receive unless they are from on of the sites you signed up for.

Private detectives sometimes provide such services to their clients, especially those who work in loss prevention.


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