Paranormal Investigations and Ghost Hunting Services

Paranormal Investigations
Paranormal Investigations

What are Paranormal Investigations?

investigations involves the investigation of paranormal phenomenon such as ghosts, demons, Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO’s), etc.  Paranormal investigation typically is associated with ghost hunting and has been made more popular by recent movies and televisions shows on the topic.  The word paranormal comes from the words “para” meaning beyond, and normal. So, the term paranormal really means something that is beyond the normal scope of science or beyond a scientific explanation. Although paranormal investigation often uses scientific methods in research, most of the science community does not regard it as science due to the supernatural phenomenon and topics as well as the lack of authentic evidence supporting the phenomenon. Ghost hunting is a phrase used by paranormal enthusiasts to describe the process of investigating an alleged haunting.

Who Performs Paranormal Investigations?

Typically, a paranormal investigation team, or hunting party, works as a team to collect evidence of paranormal activity. Team members perform duties related to their particular field of expertise or interest. It is common practice for ghost hunters to behave in a scientific manner as they observe and record data using a variety of electronic gadgets, such as; EMF Meters, digital thermometers, infrared and night vision cameras, handheld video cameras, digital audio recorders, and computers. Some ghost hunting teams make use of non-conventional methods in their investigations by incorporating a psychic or medium into their group.  However, this practice is considered controversial among paranormal research organizations who seek primarily to acquire empirical evidence.

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Paranormal Investigations and Ghost Hunting Resources

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