List of Online Calculators for Converting Units and Measurements

Online calculator

A calculator is a device for performing mathematical calculations. Calculators can come in physical form or can be in the form of software on a computer or mobile device. Some calculating devices have specialized functions and some are completely specialized for particular purposes.

Unit Conversion Resources and Calculators

Following is a list of various online calculators and online converters. We included a wide variety of websites to provide access to the large number of tools available on the web.

  • Body Height Weight Converter – Website that helps you convert from American to metric units and vice versa. Works with Feet, Inches, Pounds, Centimeters And Kilograms
  • Calculate for Free – A variety of tools for determining an array of metrics and measurements.
  • Calculator City – This helpful website includes tools to solve equations like Includes calculators for velocity, density, financial, geometry, algebra, calculus, astronomy, chemistry, physics and webpage color coders. Also, has trivia fact pages, such as state demographics and presidents.
  • Chinese Numbers – Chinese Numbers converter and explanation of the numbering system. Find Chinese equivalents to English numbers.
  • Convertalot – Collection of free Java measurements converters, calculators, unit translators and Java Games with downloadable source code and zip files.
  • Convert It – Conversion calculator of physical measurements. Includes metric and English units and also a large range of other possible conversions in many different types of categories
  • Conversion Factors for Energy Equivalents – Physics laboratory of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) sponsors and maintains this reference resource of CODATA-recommended values of fundamental physical restraints. A good resource with many different tools.
  • Dario Alpern’s Complex Number Calculator – Computes basic operations, 1/z, pi, exponent, log, trig, and polygamma functions. Includes memory feature.
  • EngNet Engineering Units Converter – Provided by the Engineering Network. This website provides an online calculator which does conversions between a number of common (and not so common) units. Includes such categories as: Acceleration, angles, velocity, length, mass flow, power, pressure, time, temperature, volume and weight.
  • eFunda: Units and Constants – The index page for units, fundamental constants, and currencies. Includes unique tools for converting thermal, magnetic, permeability, hardness, viscosity and more.
  • The Foot Rule – Convert units from one measure to another (e.g. meters to yards, liters to gallons). A very extensive collection of units and categories. Includes usage and definitions descriptions of units and categories. This site isn’t quite as popular as some of the others, but it is much better organized.
  • iFigure – Provides links to online calculators and worksheets. These are interactive, educational tools that provide information to help in planning, solving and making decisions for a variety of problems and tasks that come up daily.

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  • Math Connect – Provides calculations of various types including metric conversion.
  • Martindale’s Calculators – An extensive collection of calculators for the sciences, business and everyday measurements. Organized by subject area.
  • Online Conversion – Convert just about Anything to Anything else Over 8,000 Conversions and Calculators
  • Science Made Simple – Online metric converter gives U.S. customary and metric conversions.
  • Unit Conversion Tools – Unit Conversion tools and resources
  • WWW Unit Converter – Converts area, density, energy, force, length, mass, power, pressure, speed, temperature and volume, bits and bytes.



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