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An expert witness is a witness who, by education, training, skill, or experience, is believed to know a particular subject beyond that of the average person.

Expert witnesses and legal experts are officially and legally relied upon to provide specialized scientific, technical, or other opinions about an evidence or fact issue within the scope of their expertise. Their opinion is referred to as their expert opinion, as an assistant to the fact-finder. Expert witnesses may also deliver expert evidence and provide testimony about facts from the domain of their expertise. Attorneys use such professionals to help support their cases.

List of Expert Witness Directories

Following is a list of expert witness directories and websites, ranked from the most to the least recommended:

1Expert Pages

ExpertPages is recognized as one of the internet’s leading resources on expert witnesses. We selected this as the best directory due to the large number of members and the broad range of disciplines represented. The site has many categories, for example, accidents/injuries, business and finance, computers and technology, human resources, engineering, chemical and environmental, family and custody, insurance, police, real estate, forensics, documents and handwriting, medical, and many more. They offer a unique option to verify a member’s credentials and provide their own guarantee. Listings are available for as little as $395 per year. For searchers, they will help connect you with the right person free of charge. Go to


JurisPro is a free online directory that allows you to search by category, name, state, or area of expertise. JurisPro also has a large number of disciplines. The individual listings provide a resume with background and experience, contact information, references (in some cases), and a link to their website. Experts can join for as little as $399 per year. Go to JurisPro.

HGExperts is a more focused Legal Experts Directory. Legal directory of expert witnesses, forensic and litigation support services, mediators, and arbitrators. Find legal consultants by location and area of expertise. HGExperts will help match you to the right individual for your case. The site also has a collection of helpful articles. Listings are available for as little as $295 per year. Go to


ExpertLaw provides Legal Help, Directories, Articles, and Forums to connect expert witnesses, private detectives, and legal nurses with attorneys. Also, they provide free legal information. The site has a collection of helpful legal articles. Visit ExpertLaw.

5Expert Witnesses

Available since 1994, this website has a simple design and easy-to-use interface. Use this directory to find highly credentialed expert witnesses, legal analysts, economists, medical experts, and forensic litigation support consultants/experts with attorneys, lawyers, law firms, legal, insurance, legislative, judicial, regulatory, government, and business decision-makers, and professionals. Choose a category to view resumes for individuals. This is a decent directory, but it doesn’t seem to have many members. Visit the Website.

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  1. It is interesting that expert witnesses are legally relied on for scientific and technical evidence or fact issues in court. My daughter is going to law school and she has been telling me about different types of witnesses. If I were a lawyer presenting information about explosives or something like that, I’d probably want an expert witness to include their testimony.


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