List of Acronyms Used in Investigations

List of Acronyms Used in Investigations
Learn meaning of acronyms used in investigations and law enforcement.

Following is a List of Acronyms Used in Investigations and terminology related to the investigations industry.

Refer to this list of investigation acronyms and our Glossary of Investigation Terms to help learn the lingo of the investigation industry. Also, refer to the list of Police Ten Codes for a list of codes and signals used by law enforcement.

  • ABA = American Bankers Association
  • ACA = American Correctional Association
  • ADW = Assault with a Deadly Weapon
  • AKA = Also Known As
  • AFOSI = Air Force Office of Special Investigations
  • AIGI = Assistant Inspector General for Investigations
  • AIC = Agent in Charge
  • ALS = Advanced Life Support
  • ATF = Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms
  • B/E = Breaking and Entering
  • BIOMASS =  Biological Investigations Of Marine Antarctic Systems and Stocks
  • B&P = Business and Professions Code
  • BLS = Basic Life Support
  • BO = Bad Order (out of order)
  • BOL = Be On the Lookout
  • BP = Blood Pressure
  • BSI = Bureau of Special Investigations
  • BSIU = Buildings Special Investigations Unit (New York City)
  • CalCOFI = California Cooperative Oceanic Fisheries Investigations
  • CCOFI = California Cooperative Oceanic Fisheries Investigations
  • CI = Chief Investigator, Confidential Informant, Criminal Investigation
  • CIA = Central Intelligence Agency
  • CIS = Central Index System
  • CIU = Criminal Investigations Unit
  • CJ = County Jail
  • CO = Commanding Officer
  • COD = Cause of Death
  • COMAFOSI COP Commander, Air Force Office of Special Investigations
  • CRS = Congressional Research Service
  • CFFE = Computer Forensics Field Examiner (Air Force Office of Special Investigations)
  • CITAC = Computer Investigations and Infrastructure Threat Assessment Center
  • CLEMARS = California Law Enforcement Mutual Aid Radio System
  • CLETS = California Law Enforcement Telecommunications System
  • CP = Command Post
  • CVC = California Vehicle Code
  • DAI = Dispute Analysis and Investigations
  • DB = Dead Body
  • DL = Driver’s License
  • DMV = Department of Motor Vehicles
  • DOA = Dead On Arrival
  • DOB = Date Of Birth
  • DOJ = Department of Justice
  • DR = Daily Report number
  • DEA = Drug Enforcement Administration
  • DI = Director of Investigations
  • EBI = Employment Background Investigations
  • EDGAR  = Electronic Data Gathering and Retrieval
  • EOC = Emergency Operations Center
  • ETA = Estimated Time of Arrival
  • FBI = Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • FinCEN = Financial Crimes Enforcement Network
  • FIRS = Fingerprint Identification Records System
  • F = Felony
  • FI = Field Interrogation
  • FIPC = Federal Investigations Processing Center
  • FTA = Failure To Appear
  • FCIC = Federal Computer Investigations Committee
  • GILS = Government Information Locator System
  • GPO = Government Printing Office
  • GOA = Gone On Arrival
  • HIU = Homicide Investigations Unit (NYPD)
  • H&S Health and Safety Code
  • HazMat Hazardous Materials
  • HBD Has Been Drinking
  • HIF Handled In the Field
  • HT Handie-Talkie (hand-held radio)
  • IC Incident Command or Incident Commander
  • IGI Inspector General for Investigations
  • ISI = Integrated Storage Investigations
  • IV Intravenous
  • ICTS International Criminal Police Organization Case Tracking System
  • ICITA International Cooperative Investigations of the Tropical Atlantic
  • INTERPOL International Criminal Police Organization
  • I2MS = Investigative Information Management System (US Air Force Office of Special Investigations)
  • ISI = Internal Special Investigations Office
  • LEIU Law Enforcement and Investigations Unit (California Department of Corrections)
  • LESC Law Enforcement Support Center
  • MIPI Music Industry Privacy Investigations
  • M = Misdemeanor
  • MSN = Microsoft Network
  • NCIC National Crime Information Center
  • NCMEC National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
  • NEIC National Enforcement Investigations Center
  • NOR No Report
  • NSA National Security Agency
  • OAIG-CIPO Office of the Assistant Inspector General for Criminal Investigations Policy & Oversight
  • OCCI = Oregon Center for Clinical Investigations, Inc
  • OES Office of Emergency Services
  • OI Office of Investigations
  • OIC Officer In Charge
  • OSI Office of Special Investigations
  • PD Police Department
  • P.I. = Private Investigator
  • PIC Personnel Investigations Center
  • PIPS Personnel Investigations Processing System
  • POV Privately Owned Vehicle
  • PSI Paranormal Science Investigations
  • PSI Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations (US Senate)
  • SBI State Bureau of Investigations
  • SEC Securities and Exchange Commission
  • SIU Special Investigations Unit
  • SIS Special Investigations Section
  • SSA Social Security Administration
  • SWGI South West Ghost Investigations (UK)
  • USAF United States Air Force
  • USACIDC United States Army Criminal Investigations Command
  • USIS United States Investigations Services
  • USMS United States Marshals Service
  • USPS United States Postal Service
  • VII Visible Imaging Investigations
  • VIN = Vehicle Identification Number
  • WC Watch Commander
  • WSPIR Washington State Paranormal Investigations and Research
  • WWW World Wide Web

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