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Social Links is a company that provides social media investigation and Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) solutions for security professionals. The company has roots in developing search tools for security services in the banking sector. Social Links develops OSINT software and research solutions. Currently, the company focuses on developing solutions for a wide range of specialists, simplifying manual work, and facilitating efficient information analysis. This article focuses on Social Links Investigations solutions.

Social Links Investigation Solutions for Industry Professionals

Social Links offers solutions for professionals who work in fields such as:

  • Criminal investigations – As much as 97% of the intelligence in criminal investigations is obtained from open sources. The tool helps search and uncover information across darknets, online discussion forums and channels, and more. Then, it gathers the information into a usable form.
  • Cybercrime and threat intelligence – Social Links Pro can help identify the individuals behind social profiles.
  • Financial Fraud Units – Financial fraud is a complex and challenging field for investigators, complicated by the rapid proliferation of blockchains, NFT marketplaces, and cryptocurrencies.
  • Incident response – Social networks, discussion forums, and chat applications have become ground zero for real-time monitoring incidents.
  • Corporate security departments – Monitoring open-source intelligence resources is critical for corporate security departments. They are constantly on guard to prevent physical and technological intrusions into corporate facilities and networks.
  • Compliance Departments – In today’s business world, compliance departments must include OSINT sources in their due diligence. Having the ability to search open data sources will help identify potential risks before they become a problem.
  • Trust and Safety Professionals
  • Journalism and media – Journalists, media personalities, and investigative reporters need accurate information to back up their stories. Social Link’s solutions help the media verify the accuracy of the information and ensure that the data is reputable.

The company offers three main products: SL Professional, SL Private Platform, and SL API.

The social media investigation tool has many helpful online search features. The tool is useful for law enforcement, corporate security, human resource departments, investigators, and media/journalism professionals. For example:

  • Find by Face – This helpful feature uses artificial intelligence to help match a photo to potential social media profiles. This can be extremely helpful if all you have is a photo. Missing person investigations?
  • Find by Credentials – This Gamayun feature allows you to find online profiles using a person’s name. Also, you can search using an email address and even an alias.
  • Find Similar Profiles – Identify corresponding and matching profiles on other social networks.
  • Investigate Target Activities – Explore the online social activities of an individual. Examples include posts, comments, likes, comments, etc.
  • Analyze Connections – Identify possible connections between individuals.

SL Professional

SL Professional (aka SL Pro) is a bundle of product solutions. For example, the investigative solution includes methods for searching social media, the darknet or dark web, blockchains, internet leaks, and other sources. It draws data and information from more than 500 sources. Also, it uses more than 1,000 different search methods. Then, you can export the data for further analysis, reporting, and other purposes. SL Pro integrates with Maltego and I2.

SL Private Platform

Social Links (SL) Private Platform is a set of custom solutions designed to meet the needs of government organizations and corporate enterprises. The solution integrates with your existing infrastructure. As a result, it works with your native information stored in internal databases and various open sources. Therefore, government agencies and corporate enterprises can use it for background checks (as part of the process), anti-money laundering in crypto, cyber-attack investigations, and much more.


The SL API solution allows you to utilize data extraction and analysis methods connected directly to your in-house platform via our API. The API provides access to 500+ data sources and 1000+ search methods.

More Information

To learn more about Social Links Investigation Solutions or book a demo, visit the Social Links website.

Michael Kissiah is the owner of Brandy Lane Publishing, LLC, which owns and operates a small portfolio of websites, including Michael created more than 20 years ago after working as a private investigator in the state of Florida. Since that time, he has become an expert at how to find information online and has written over 1000 articles on topics related to the investigation industry. In addition, he is the author of the "Private Investigator Licensing Handbook", available at


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