How to Use Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to Promote Your Private Investigation Business

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Being a private investigator is no easy task. It is a freelance job, where you work all by yourself and have to find clients on your own. There can be serious competition too, depending on where you are based. Former law enforcers and military personnel are increasingly getting into the field of private investigations as the demand increases. How can you stand and get genuine, good clients for yourself?

Social media to the rescue

Social media networks like Facebook and Twitter started off as way to connect with people you know but may have lost touch with. But over the years, they have become powerful tools to promote your work and your business. These networks were used mainly by youth early on, but now have become popular with young and old alike. Both these networks have millions of members, with a majority of them being regular users who log in to their accounts at least once a day, every day. LinkedIn is a wonderful network to connect with professionals from your field from across the world, as well as to find genuine jobs and quality people for your organization.

With businesses using these networks to promote their products and services, at least half of these users agree that their purchases and choices are influenced primarily by social networking sites. More than 70 percent of online marketers use these networks to promote businesses. It is a cost-effective and easy method to reach out to millions around the world. So why should you, as a private investigator, be left behind?

A few ways you can promote your private investigation business on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn:

Create an account for yourself on these networks, fill out the profiles in complete detail. Provide any applicable links to websites or news pieces on your work.

Link your various social network accounts by giving backlinks to your other profiles so that potential clients can get adequate information about you, no matter what network they use.

Create a separate page on Facebook where you can talk about your work, areas of expertise and give contact information for potential clients.

Ask friends and family to share and invite people to like or follow you on these networks, and endorse your skills on LinkedIn.

Connect with media houses and professionals on networks to promote your work.

Facebook lends you legitimacy, LinkedIn gives you opportunities to grow your business and Twitter helps you break into the world of private investigation with a bang.

Social network number crunching

The number of regular users on both Facebook and Twitter is in the millions and steadily rising. Twitter has over 500 million users, while Facebook is a giant with over a billion users as of 2014. LinkedIn is one of the most used sites today for professional networking, reaching millions of professionals around the world.

What are you waiting for then? Get on these social networks now and use them effectively to get clients for your private investigation business so you can grow and make a name for yourself.

View a list of social media websites.


  1. This artical is very helpful with regards to PI marketing. Social media is also helpful in cross border cases but requires specialist Open Source Inteligence (OSInt) training in order to become professionally proficient.

  2. I’m also running the private detective agency in India it is going good, but after reading your article I’ll try to gather more clients. Thank you for posting this article.


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