Morse Code Signals for Radio Communications

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What is Morse Code?

Morse code is a method for transmitting information, using standardized sequences of short and long marks or pulses, commonly known as “dots and dashes”, for the letters, numerals and special characters of a message. It is named for Samuel F. B. Morse, who invented the telegraph.

Morse Code Letters and Numbers

The code uses a series of dots and dashes that relate back to a legend of letters and numbers. A dash is three times longer in duration than a dash. When Morse is used in audio communication, the listen makes note of the sequence of dashes and dots and then decodes the message.

In the case of visual usage, such as with flashes of light, the observer records the duration of the flashes and then decodes the message.

The following table shows the Morse code for each letter of the alphabet.

Letter Morse Letter Morse< Digit Morse
A .- N -. 0 —–
B -… O 1 .—-
C -.-. P .–. 2 ..—
D -.. Q –.- 3 …–
E . R .-. 4 ….-
F ..-. S 5 …..
G –. T 6 -….
H …. U ..- 7 –…
I .. V …- 8 —..
J .— W .– 9 —-.
K -.- X -..-
L .-.. Y -.–
M Z –..


Learn more about Morse Code at Wikipedia.


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