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Police 10 Codes

What are Police 10 Codes and Scanner

How to Obtain a Police Report

People file police reports for wide variety

Police Eleven Codes / Law Enforcement Eleven Codes

In addition to police ten codes, some law

Stalking / Anti-Stalking

What is Stalking? Stalking is defined as

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Background Checks and Investigations

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When Parents Should Contact a Private Investigator

If you have children, you´re probably asking yourself what this title is all about. As kids grow up, the concerns

International Investment Risk Cut by Due Diligence Investigations

International recruiting and investment is a common practice in today’s global marketplace. Changing labor and economic environments have pushed companies

People Search Using the White Pages

How to Search Free Online White Pages Directories To Find Phone Numbers, Addresses and People Searching the white pages for

Police & Law Enforcement News

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Lesser Known Careers in Law Enforcement: Mint Police Officer

Even if you have long been interested in a career in law enforcement, you may not be familiar with the

Law Enforcement Advises Precautions for Holiday Shoppers

Law Enforcement Provides Holiday Shopping Safety Tips to Keep You Safe During the Holidays While the holidays give us a

Police Eleven Codes / Law Enforcement Eleven Codes

In addition to police ten codes, some law enforcement and police departments use 11 codes or “eleven codes” to facilitate communication among police

Spy Gear and Equipment for Private Eyes

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Justin Bieber Ignites Feud With Lord Of The Rings Star Orlando Bloom

It is no secret that entertainer Justin Bieber and Lord of the Rings star Orlando Bloom do not particularly see eye

Robin Williams: The World Reacts to the Suicide of a Comedic Legend

An Investigation into the Events Surrounding Robin William’s Suicide For the past four decades, legendary actor and comedian Robin Williams

Inquest into Peaches Geldof Death Reveals True Cause of Death

It has been three full months since Peaches Geldof, prominent model and TV personality was found dead in her home.