Walker Texas Ranger TV Series Episodes on DVD


An Overview of the Walker Texas Ranger Television Series on DVD

In the Walker Texas Ranger TV series, action star Chuck Norris plays the tough, but principled Cordell Walker. Walker is a Texas Ranger, a special unit of the state police, and an expert martial artist. Walker’s partners in law include Texas Ranger Jimmy Trivette, a former Dallas Cowboy, and Walker’s love interest, Assistant D.A. Alexandra Cahill.

Throughout the seasons, Walker rounds up drug dealers, helping children in trouble, and even dealing with supernatural disturbances. But whenever the bad guys try to get tough, Walker usually finishes them off with his trademark roundhouse kick. Walker delivers his own form of hard-hitting justice to the likes mobsters, terrorists, lawless biker gangs, professional thieves, and juvenile delinquents.

Chuck Norris delivers a long line of memorable sayings such as, “The bigger they are, the harder they hit’. In one episode, a criminal snarls at Walker, “You’re going to have to kill me.” “Why don’t I just make you wish you were dead,” Walker cooly replies.

The episodes get a little bit edgier as the seasons progress, with escalating action throughout. And if the voice singing the theme song sounds familiar, you’re not just hearing things. Mr. Norris performs the shows theme song “Eyes of a Ranger, written by Tirk Wilder.

The show was often criticized as being unrealistic and “hokey”, but that’s what makes it so much fun. Most people tune in to see Chuck kick some butt, and they are never disappointed. The only thing that is hokey is how easily he gets into fights. Also, it seems as if everyone in Texas knows some type of martial art.

List of Season Episodes Available on DVD

  • Walker, Texas Ranger Season 1 – A total of 26 episodes
  • Walker, Texas Ranger Season 2 – A total of 24 episodes
  • Walker, Texas Ranger Season 3 – 26 episodes
  • Season 4 – 26 episodes
  • Season 5 – 25 episodes
  • Season 6 – 23 episodes
  • Season 7 – 25 episodes
  • Season 8 (Final) – 24 episodes

In addition, there was one television movie, Trial by Fire that was aired in October 2005.

Typical episodes run for approximately 43 minutes.

List of Chuck Norris facts:

  • Those aren’t credits that roll after Walker: Texas Ranger. They are actually a list of fatalities that occurred during the making of the episode
  • Global warming does not cause hurricanes. They are caused by the wind generated by Chuck Norris’ flurry of roundhouse kicks to the head.
  • Somebody once bet Chuck that he couldn’t beat Superman in a fight. The loser had to start wearing his underwear on the outside of his clothes.
  • The Boogeyman checks his closet for Chuck every night.

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