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Case management software
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This article provides an overview of legal case management and case management software.

Case Management is the information management and workflow practices, procedures, and requirements used to manage legal cases, typically associated with the legal, health, and investigation fields. As attorneys, law firms, and private investigators compete for clients, they are routinely challenged to deliver services at lower costs with greater efficiency than their competitors.

Law firms and investigation agencies leverage case management software to manage time and billing, litigation support, research, communication and collaboration, data mining and modeling, and data security, storage, and record archiving to meet competitive challenges.

The software solutions are either installed directly on a computer, either via a download or installed via a CD. Or they are offered as a web or cloud-based service. This is also known as a SaaS model, Software as a Service.

The cloud-based approach is becoming the most common and most popular approach. This makes it easier for the developer to deploy updates and patches and ensure all users run the same version. Plus, it allows companies to manage access for employees, clients, and vendors more efficiently.

An Overview of Case Management Software

Case management software has a wide variety of features and functions. The features differ by the developer, but all serve the same basic function: to help you manage case information and your business operations more efficiently. In today’s competitive environment, having this type of system is quickly becoming necessary.

Some of the main features and functions include:

  • To provide solutions to help investigators use, manage, consolidate, share, and protect information
  • To provide the ability to track and shape the business processes and workflows to move the investigation forward
  • To automate the financial management aspect of the business, including account, billing and invoicing, reporting, etc.
  • To collaborate and share information with other employees, clients, and vendors

Because the most useful forms of such software can integrate data from multiple systems, departments, users, and business entities, its use can increase a firm’s competitive advantage.

Case management systems that can push and pull data to and from the internet, whether within the software itself or an integrated framework or environment, became an industry standard with the advent of the Lexis and Westlaw legal research platforms.

The software solutions are typically marketed to specific segments of the legal, medical, and investigation marketplace, with some products designed for small firms, others for large multinational firms, and a few claiming to be scalable to all-size firms.

Private investigators may use such programs to help organize and coordinate case information, client information, billing and invoicing information, and other details related to an investigation. Private investigators can also leverage most legal software solutions law firms and legal practices use.

Following are some of the leading case management software packages and solutions for your investigation agency, law firm, or private practice:


CROSSTrax is one of the leading solutions for investigative agencies. CrossTrax is a full-service, comprehensive solution. It has all the key features you need to manage operations, billing, case assignment, reporting, and more. Plus, it integrates with DelvePoint. CROSStrax recently acquired PI Direct Link (see below).

Encase Forensic Analysis

Encase Forensic Analysis – Encase Forensic is designed to help investigation agencies conduct more efficient investigations. The product features an easy-to-use interface, powerful processing, comprehensive search functionality, automated external review, integrated investigation workflows, and flexible reporting options.

P.I. DirectLink – P.I. DirectLink is designed specifically for the investigation industry. The system provides investigative agencies with case management tools to store and share case information, records, reports, notes, images, videos, and more.

Serve Manager

Serve Manager – A software solution used to run a process serving business or to manage a group of process servers.


TrackOps -TrackOps is a powerful web-based case management application designed to help investigative companies streamline operations, become more productive with less work, and save time and money. TrackOps provides powerful tools that, among other things, allow you to stream video, collaborate with investigators, maintain client communication, and manage expense reporting and invoicing. Best of all, TrackOps can be accessed by any computer, 24/7.

Virtual Case Management

Virtual Case Management (VCM) – VCM offers helpful features such as evidence collection, communications history, financial management, and investigative report functions.

Other Case Management Solutions

Amicus Attorney – With Amicus Attorney, information is integrated into a single, lawyer-friendly system to organize your practice, capture more billable time, and eliminate duplicate effort. Amicus Attorney brings everything together, from calendaring to contacts, time tracking to drafting documents, and phone calls to e-mail.

LawBase by Synaptec Software – LawBase is the next generation of legal file management software. Today, it is one of the most adaptable, intuitive legal file management products. It creates a centralized information hub with interfaces to products such as Microsoft Outlook, Summation, Interwoven, Hummingbird, WorldDox, Elite, Omega, Juris, and others.

Legal Files Case Management Software – Legal Files is used by thousands of legal professionals in leading law firms, corporate and government legal departments, services clinics, insurance companies, and universities worldwide to store legal file information and track workflow.

PCLaw Case Management Software from Lexis Nexis A dependable, industry-leading solution from LexisNexis. Features: integrated time billing, accounting, and practice management check writing, trust accounting and general ledger, integrated document and email management, document creation, and a cash flow planner.

Prevail Case Management System – The Prevail System is the most user-friendly legal application. Simplicity is the key for your firm when choosing a system. Prevail’s automatic document generation & tracking, user-definable process management system, integrated calendar and to-do lists, time & cost tracking, damages & medical specials tracking, and hundreds of customizable reports can be easily accessed.

SCOUT Investigation Management Software – SCOUT was developed with leading Investigative Companies to grow your business, increase productivity, and reduce expenses. The browser-based application is straightforward, easy to use, and promotes collaboration between clients, managers, and investigators.

Time Matters® 8.0 Case Management – Use Time Matters and exceed client expectations with a complete view of your practice. Time Matters is an integrated practice management software solution. Get dozens of calendars, emails, reporting options, and all critical info on one screen. Get real-time alerts on client activity across the firm—easy to install, affordable support, and a money-back guarantee.

Questions and Comments

If you know of other reputable case management software solutions, please comment below.

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  1. I’ve always been curious as to how law firms manage the flow of work for multiple cases that they’re working for. I didn’t know that case management software exist to meet the competitive challenges that they’re facing. If I were to choose, I might buy cloud-based software so I can have a backup in case anything happens to the computer.

  2. Hello.

    We are doing our annual Case Management review in the next issue of PI MAGAZINE. Can you please pass along a contact and their email so I reach out and obtain some information to include. Thanks Jim Nanos

  3. I’d be interested to see the percentage of increased solve rates for each of these software products. They look like they all bring a little something different to the table, and I’m sure that would influence changes in solve rates, particularly for private investigators.


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