Quincy Television Series Season Episodes on DVD

Quincy on DVD

An Overview of the Quincy TV Show

Quincy, M.E. is a television series from Universal Studios that aired for eight seasons and a total of 148 episodes. It ran from 1976, to 1983 on the NBC television network. It was created by Glen A. Larson and Lou Shaw. The show starred actor Jack Klugman in the title role, who worked as a Los Angeles County medical examiner (coroner). His job was to determine the reasons for suspicious deaths. Quincy’s theories about certain deaths often put him at odds with his boss and the police.

The show was distinguished from other shows in the genre in one obvious way – the show often used the same actors and actresses in different roles in various episodes.

This was one of the first TV crime shows that focused largely on using medical methods in criminal investigations. Quincy was one of the first, if not THE first, to use in-depth forensic methods and crime scene investigation techniques to analyze evidence, provide facts and support theories about why crimes were committed. If you’re into CSI and forensics, this show is for you.

Cast Members

  • Jack Klugman, Dr. R. Quincy, M.E. (148 episodes from 1976 to 1983)
  • John S. Ragin, Dr. Robert Asten (148 episodes from 1976 to 1983)
  • Robert Ito, Sam Fujiyama (148 episodes from 1976 to 1983)
  • Joseph Roman, Sgt. Brill (147 episodes from 1976 to 1983)
  • Garry Walberg, Lt. Frank Monahan (145 episodes from 1976 to 1983)
  • Val Bisoglio, Danny Tovo (138 episodes from 1976 to 1983)
  • Eddie Garrett, Ed (113 episodes from 1976 to 1983)
  • John Nolan, Bartender (88 episodes from 1977 to 1983)


Klugman earned a total of four Emmy nominations for this role and spawned the medical investigation genre. Quincy was a stubborn, crusading medical examiner who solved cases using forensic analysis, crime scene investigation techniques and sharp intuition.

The first half of the first season of the Quincy television show was broadcast as 90-minute shows as part of the NBC Sunday Mystery Movie in the fall of 1976 alongside Columbo, McCloud and McMillan. The Quincy series became so popular that it was spun off into its own weekly series.

Quincy on DVD

The show ran for a total of eight seasons and included 148 episodes.

Quincy, M.E. – Seasons 1 & 2 on DVD – This collector’s set starring actor Jack Klugman includes all 16 episodes from the first and second seasons on three two-sided discs.

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