Intellectual Property Investigations


Intellectual property is often used in business and represents your legal right to original ideas, innovations, and inventions. Intellectual property rights define individuals’ rights to protect their creations and prevent others from using or benefiting from them. Almost everyone has some intellectual property, and some people use the creative genius of their minds to make money and a living. This article will discuss what’s involved in intellectual property investigations.

If you believe you have valuable property that your competitors might steal or use for profit, and if that can result in losses, here is what you must know about it.

Intellectual Property Laws

Every country has its set of laws that protect inventions, creative designs, product designs, brand images and names, trademarks, and other confidential information that is a product of the human mind’s genius. These laws protect entrepreneurs and businesses from fraudsters and other copycats who tend to make gains from others’ original ideas.

If you have a business, unique product design, or theme, you can rely on copyright or patent laws to protect them. You can also use the laws to protect confidential information like recipes or chemical formulae used in manufacturing your products. At the same time, businesses should also respect the rights of other businesses.

Trademark law and intellectual property Investigations

Property such as a logo, brand name, image, or tagline can also be protected legally. This can be done using the trademark law, which can also be applied to the packaging style. You need a distinct symbol, name, or logo to protect your brand image or name with trademark law.

It is essential for businesses that use trademark law to keep a tab on the market to ensure that others are not illegally using their trademarks. Seek the counsel of an attorney or a law firm on how to deal with copyright or trademark infringement by your competitors.

Applicable laws can also protect articles, white papers, and photographs published online. The laws apply to all kinds of material, including music, audio, video, and text on the internet. However, it is common for online photographs to be copied and used with or without the trademark logo. It is best to avoid copying and using photographs, texts, quotations, and images without the copyright owner’s permission.

Talk to your attorney.

If you think you have a valuable idea, invention, or other property to protect from competitors, applying for a patent immediately is crucial. Talk to a patent or trademark lawyer and immediately get your rights over the invention. However, if someone already has a copyright or patent on the product, you cannot copyright it again.

Intellectual Property Resources

The following resources may help you conduct investigations involving such property.

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office – The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPO) provides patent and trademark protection to inventors and businesses for their inventions and corporate and product identification. This site provides access to free patent databases.

Hire an Intellectual Property Investigator

Some investigation agencies offer Intellectual Property Investigation services. A good Intellectual Property Investigation requires an investigator with experience and knowledge of copyright laws. Such issues as entrapment, a chain of evidence procedures, and proper documentation must be considered to conclude a case successfully. A typical Intellectual Property Investigation costs approximately $100 an hour.

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