Bail Bonds and Bail Bondsman: Making Sure Defendants Appear in Court


Bail Bonds

A bail bond agent, bail bondsman, or bondsman, is a person or company that acts as a surety for a person who is accused of a crime. The bail bondsman pledges a sum of money or property as bail to ensure the accused person will appear in a court of law.  The court usually sets the amount of bail in relation to the flight risk of the criminal defendant.  The greater the flight risk, the higher the amount of bail is set. The judge presiding over the particular case makes the decision, which can be influenced by evidence or information submitted by either the plaintiff or defendant and their legal team

Bail bondsman agents are in business to provide bail services to criminal defendants and are often able to secure their customers’ release in just a few hours. In any given city, you’ll see billboards and signs all over town advertising their services, especially in the proximity of the local jail or prison.

Bail bond agents are located mainly in the United States. and many provide nationwide bail bondsman services. Bail bondsmen usually locate their business near a county jail or state prison and many offer 24 hour bail bonds service.

In situation where bail bondsman have to track down a defendant, especially in situations where a high bail amount was set by the judge, a bail bond agent may use a Bounty Hunter to track down the accused.

In most other countries, bail is usually not used and the practice of bounty hunting is considered to be illegal.


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