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Real Estate Reports, Property Reports

Private investigators are often called upon to conduct research related to real estate including residential properties, small businesses, commercial real estate, community buildings and other structures. Private investigators may be hired to find the information, such as part of a surveillance project, or they may need to gather the information for their own purposes. In such situations, private investigators rely on a variety of information sources such as:

  • Public records available at the county court house that will show property details, ownership information and other data
  • Public records searches available through such companies as Intelius that provide more detailed information. To run the report, simply visit the site, then click on Property Records, enter the address and click on go. The report will give you access to the same premium property records data that appraisers and lending institutions rely on. Get ownership and deeds information, property details, maps plus list of all other properties owned by the same owner!
  • Search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing can provide quick access to publicly available information, photos, videos and more.
  • Online real estate and property information tools such as, Trulia, or Zillow

Real Estate Reports are available that provide basic information on real estate properties including residential real estate, commercial real estate, institutional, community buildings, land and much more.

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